Was The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone Written By Hebrews?

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone contains the 10 Commandments.

When we shot the video at the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone (also known as the New Mexico Stone, Los Lunas Stone, Mystery Stone, and Commandment Rock), we had already spent a few hours roaming the mountain, reaching the top in the 100 degree plus heat.

We had a good time, but we were a bit tired at the end when we shot the video. Something I did not elaborate on in the video, was the fact that many believe the inscription on the Decalogue Stone is a hoax.

As I said in the video, I cannot say one way or the other for certain, but it had me thinking even more, not only about the Los Lunas Stone, but the entire scenario.

The Mystery Stone outside of Los Lunas, New Mexico.
Decalogue Stone outside of Los Lunas, New Mexico.

Those who say the Decalogue Stone is a hoax, claim two students from the University of New Mexico carved the inscriptions into the stone in the 1930s.

All in an attempt to play a crude joke.

To my knowledge, there has never been any evidence to support this claim. Obviously, that scenario clashes with other reports about the New Mexico stone being "discovered" in the 1850s.

The more I thought about the Los Lunas rock, and endured the heat that day with my family, I thought to myself...

How much sense does it make, for someone in 1930, to head 16 miles outside of the nearest town (Los Lunas), and carve these inscriptions halfway up a mountain in the middle of the desert?

Mind you, by the late 1930s Los Lunas had a population of only 513 people.

So, what would be the point of carving the inscriptions in the middle of nowhere?

Who would find the inscriptions?

The scratching at the top of the stone is due to vandalism, this is not a protected site.
Los Lunas Stone: The first line has been scratched off by vandals, this is not a protected site.

We had a hard enough time finding the general location of Hidden Mountain, and we were looking for it!

Even today, when you make the drive from Los Lunas to Hidden Mountain where the Mystery Stone is located, there is quite literally nothing. It is desert as far as the eye can see with only a few homes scattered across the desert landscape.

How could we forget, the landfill next door?!

The other point I want to elaborate on, is the fact the writing is so clean cut. It is etched into the rock with clear and clean writing line on line. Someone who planned out a hoax sure spent a whole lot of time putting this together, and again, for who to see back in 1930?

Secondly, no one writes at a 45-degree angle, why would someone who is creating a forgery do such a thing?

With respect to the 45-degree angle, if you look at the photos, you can see how over time, it would have been possible for water to wash away the soil from around and under the rock leading it to tip over.

The rock sits right in the middle of a "V" on the mountainside, right where the rains would naturally collect and run. Over time, this would lead to the erosion of the soil around and under the rock.

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone in New Mexico contains the 10 Commandments from the Bible. Did ancient Hebrews write them? We offer our thoughts after our visit.
The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone.

The more I thought about all of these things, I started to think to myself...

It is actually more believable to think that ancient Hebrews traveled to what would become America, and carve the inscriptions than to believe the notion of some elaborate hoax.

One thing is certain, someone, whether ancient Hebrews or modern man created an 80-ton honor to our Heavenly Father.

Decalogue Stone: Sources And Information

While working to set up our visit, I had contacted Cynthia Shetter who is the local librarian. She helped answer some of my questions about the stone. They say, “she knows everything about that stone.”

Cynthia was kind enough to pass along this article from tabletmag.org titled, "The Mystery Stone". It is a fascinating article, one I hope you take the time to read for yourself.

If you would like to visit the Mystery Stone, you can find out more information by visiting the New Mexico State Land Office website. You will need to apply for a permit to visit the Los Lunas Stone as it is on State Trust Land.

For more details and information on the Decalogue Stone, I highly recommend you visit the two sites below. These are very aged sites with a tremendous amount of information that I hope will be around for years to come.

Additional Photos of the Los Lunas Stone

God's name Jehovah (YHVH) in Paleo-Hebrew on The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone.
God's name Jehovah (YHVH) in Paleo-Hebrew on The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone.
Mystery Stone alongside a lonely tree.
Mystery Stone alongside a lonely tree.
Mystery Stone: God's name Jehovah (YHVH) in Paleo-Hebrew is visible in this shot.
Los Lunas Stone: God's name Jehovah (YHVH) in Paleo-Hebrew is visible in this shot.

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