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Gerald Celente: The Extended Generation?

(Video) – The latest video from Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente. “Housing rebounds, American’s living with families in one household & the presstitutes keep pumping out more baby news…”

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Galah plague blamed for causing blackouts and stripping trees in Queensland town Boulia

(ABC) – Thousands of birds have been flocking to a town in Queensland, causing blackouts and stripping trees, according to the local mayor.

Boulia mayor Rick Britton says up to 4,000 galahs and cockatoos have been roosting in the town over the past 10 weeks.

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Only 1 in 5 Americans Trust the Government to Do What Is Right

(From The Trenches) – Trust is not something most Americans have in their government these days.

A new USA Today/Bipartisan Policy Center poll found only one in five of those surveyed say they trust the federal government to do what is right most of the time.

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Egyptian army chief calls for street protests

(BBC) – Egypt’s army chief has called for demonstrations on Friday to give the military a mandate to confront “violence and potential terrorism”.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said he was not calling for public unrest and wanted national reconciliation.

The army removed President Mohammed Morsi from power on 3 July, triggering huge street protests by his supporters.

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US And Russia Simultaneously Announce Intent To Arm Opposing Sides In Syria

WEB Notes: This is not coincidence, this is by design, according to the plan of the globalists. Research yourself who runs the major banking institutions of the world. Mainly, the Bank for International Settlements. We will be talking about these people in the future. The Syrian crisis is being escalated on purpose, make no mistake about it. End Times Deception: Global Government Lurks Behind the Curtain

(Yahoo) – In an almost palpable irony, Russian and U.S. officials simultaneously announced their intent to move forward with controversial arms transfers to opposing sides in the Syrian civil war Monday.

If there were any doubts about the proxy nature of Syria for the two sides, the announcements should put them to bed.

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Ted Cruz Says America Needs A Spiritual Revival

WEB Notes: Of course we need a spiritual revival. The world does and Rand Paul recently talked about this very fact. More and more people are realizing the problems we have can only be solved by a higher power. What the people of the world do not realize is that higher power is coming, but it is not our God though he shall claim to be. Have you read?

(Video, CBN) – In an interview you’ll only see on The Brody File, Sen. Ted Cruz says spiritual revival is needed in America saying, “I think we’re at the edge of a precipice. If we keep going down this path we’re risking losing our nation. We’re risking losing the incredible oasis of liberty.”

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U.S. a Lawless State-Paul Craig Roberts

(Video, USA Watch Dog) – Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts says, “The country is not being run by the President.  It is being run by spy agencies and private interest groups, Wall Street and military security complex . . . They run the country.  The President is a puppet, a figurehead.”  Dr. Roberts contends, “If you are a lawless state, which the United States is, it obeys no international law.  It does not obey the Geneva Convention . . . It tortures people.  It doesn’t obey the Constitution.  It doesn’t obey anything.  It does what it wants. . . . 

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Jet Stream Over US So Weak Weather Systems are Moving Backwards

(Robert Scribbler) – An extreme US summer that has featured floods and heavy rains in the east and drought and devastating fires in the west boasts yet one more bizarre weather pattern: a backward moving storm system.

As of last week, a strong frontal boundary had swept into the southeastern US bringing with it another dose of heavy rains and storms. Then the system stalled. Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the front and associated low pressure systems have backed up, moving from east to west, passing over the Appalachians, then the Tennessee River Valley, then the Mississippi, until today it reached a central region stretching from Texas all the way north to the Dakotas.

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Putin to offer advanced antimissiles to soothe Iran’s S-300 grudge – report

WEB Notes: The events that consummate the end of this age are happening right before your eyes. Remember the U.S. still has missile systems setup in Turkey and Jordan. The stage is slowly being put in place.

(RT) – Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit Tehran next month, according to a newspaper report. Among other things, he is to discuss with Iran’s new president is a possible deal to supply advanced antiballistic missiles to the Islamic Republic.

Putin is expected to fly to Iran on August 12 to meet in person the country’s newly-elected President Hassan Rouhani, reports the Russian business daily Kommersant citing anonymous sources. Iran’s Mehr news agency said Putin would arrive on August 16, without citing a source.

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Another win for Monsanto: US raises allowable levels of company’s pesticide in crops

WEB Notes: Wake up folks, you are intentionally being poisoned. Every time the EPA runs into an issue with a higher amount of poison than what they allow they just raise the bar and let the trash into our food chain. EPA Draft Stirs Fears of Radically Relaxed Radiation Guidelines.

(RT) – Biotech giant Monsanto has been awarded yet another victory by the federal government thanks to a recent Environmental Protection Agency decision to allow larger traces of the herbicide glyphosate in farm-grown foods.

Despite a number of studies linking exposure to the chemical with diseases including types of cancer, the EPA is increasing the amount of glyphosate allowed in oilseed and food crops.

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Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Human Evolution

WEB Notes: Evolution is a loose theory with many in the scientific community at odds over exactly how life came into being. With that said, there is no argument with the earth being millions of years old and creation in the Bible. It is that Christians have not properly understood the Word of God. Instead of seeking out the answers we box ourselves into the 6,000 year age of the earth myth. The World That Then Was – The Age of the Earth

(CBS) – A new poll finds that a majority of Americans believe that God played a part in the evolution of humans. A YouGov survey shows that 62 percent of Americans believe God helped create humans.

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Declaration of War on American Values: Battalion Commander Tells Troops that Patriots, Christians belong to Hate Groups

(Video, Joe Miller) – A combat battalion commander assigned to the 101st Air Borne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, sent an email out to several dozen subordinate officers and senior non commissioned officers describing conservatives as members of hate groups.

The senior officer, seen in the YouTube below, apparently decided that his ignorant soldiers needed some political indoctrination regarding the Army’s new values, as decreed by Obama.

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