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6.8M: Earthquake strikes New Zealand south of Wellington; recorded near Seddon

(ABC News) – A magnitude 6.8 earthquake has struck south of New Zealand’s capital Wellington, sending panicked workers and residents into the streets just weeks after a similar tremor struck the city.

The quake hit 10 kilometres south-east of the town of Seddon at a depth of eight kilometres and has been followed by several aftershocks measuring more than magnitude 4.4.

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‘Peaceful’ Brotherhood Protesters Torching Coptic Christian Churches

(NRO) – In the familiar pattern, the Western media are focused on the military raids against Islamic supremacists in Egypt but ignoring the latter’s use of violence and of women and children as human shields. After all, the “protesters” say they are “peaceful.”

When not similarly ignored, Islamic supremacist aggression against Egypt’s Christians — which was a prominent feature of Muslim Brotherhood governance — is disingenuously reported. Take this AFP report of the fact that the Brotherhood and its allies are torching Coptic churches. The AFP endeavors to exculpate the Islamic supremacists by editorializing, in the report, that these were “reprisal” attacks.

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Expert: Israel Attack On Iran Imminent – ‘There Are About 1,100 Hard Targets That Have To Be Taken Out’

WEB Notes: What is mentioned in this article is Biblical in nature. Egypt, Isaiah 19 is civil war. Syria while not mentioned is documented in Isaiah 17. The war with Iran is documented in Daniel 7 and is one of the final events before the appearance of the false messiah. Israel’s PM mentioned weeks ago an attack by Israel on Iran was imminent. Let us not forget the U.S. recently destroyed a “replica” Iranian nuclear facility with the latest bunker buster bomb.

(From The Trenches) – Clashes between the Egyptian military and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood left scores dead and hundreds injured this week, and Middle East expert Dr. Mike Evans says the turmoil will eventually lead to an Egyptian civil war.

He also blasted the Obama administration for its handling of Egypt and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and predicted an Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear program very soon.

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Egypt in State of Emergancy After 525 Killed, 3,717 Injuried in Latest Military Clashes

WEB Notes: Every move on the globe is being engineered for a desired outcome. Remember, just weeks ago Egyptian General Sisi called for the people to come out in the streets and protest so the military could step in. They asked for this. Isaiah 19.

(Video, AP) – Egyptian authorities on Thursday significantly raised the death toll from clashes the previous day between police and supporters of the ousted Islamist president, saying more than 500 people died and laying bare the extent of the violence that swept much of the country and prompted the government to declare a nationwide state of emergency and a nighttime curfew.

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DC’s Revolving Door is Fascism, Pure and Simple

(Video, Daily Sheeple) – The revolving door of useful idiots swapping positions from the U.S. government to private industry is pandemic. It permeates every single industry; but especially banking, energy, war, food, medicine, prisons, and now surveillance.  It’s fascism, pure and simple, and it’s time we start admitting it.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.
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Should You Be Able to Buy Food Directly From Farmers? The Government Doesn’t Think So

(Daily Sheeple) – This would seem to embody the USDA’s advisory, “Know your farmer, know your food,” right? Not exactly.

For the USDA and its sister food regulator, the FDA, there’s a problem: many of the farmers are distributing the food via private contracts like herd shares and leasing arrangements, which fall outside the regulatory system of state and local retail licenses and inspections that govern public food sales.

In response, federal and state regulators are seeking legal sanctions against farmers in Maine, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California, among others. These sanctions include injunctions, fines, and even prison sentences. Food sold by unlicensed and uninspected farmers is potentially dangerous say the regulators, since it can carry pathogens like salmonella, campylobacter, and E.coli O157:H7, leading to mild or even serious illness.

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What Global Warming? 2012 Data Confirms Earth In Cooling Trend

(CNS News) – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released its “State of the Climate in 2012” report, which states that “worldwide, 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record.” But the report “fails to mention [2012] was one of the coolest of the decade, and thus confirms the cooling trend,” according to an analysis by climate blogger Pierre Gosselin.

“To no one’s surprise, the report gives the reader the impression that warming is galloping ahead out of control,” writes Gosselin. “But their data shows just the opposite.”

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Pastor Hagee No Longer Opposes Gay Ordinance

WEB Notes: Hagee is a false teacher, whether he is intentionally doing it or not, only God knows. In addition to this ridiculous un-biblical stance he also teaches the flock they will fly away before the coming of Christ which is a lie! Hopefully the flock is paying attention and leaves this church. God does not approve of homosexual acts. Reference: United States of Sodom: What Does God Say About the Supreme Court Clearing the Way for Gay Marriage?

(Tru News) – Television evangelist and pastor John Hagee on Sunday told congregants — and a national and international audience watching live — that he no longer opposes a proposed ordinance that seeks to protect the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in San Antonio.

He read a statement during his Cornerstone Church’s two morning worship services Sunday, reflecting confidence in the latest version of the ordinance, which is expected to go before the City Council on Sept. 5.

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Bloodbath in Cario: Dozens Dead as Troops Crack Down

WEB Notes: The burden of Egypt, “And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.” Isaiah 19:2

(Video, Al-Jazeera) – A security operation to clear protesters camped out on the streets of Cairo since President Mohamed Morsi was deposed by the military last month has left at least 40 people died.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry says 200 people have been arrested, including 50 in the Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in in Nasr City and 150 at the Nahda Square sit-in in Giza.

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6.6M: Earthquake Shakes Colombia

(CSM) – A strong offshore earthquake of magnitude 6.5 shook several towns in western Colombia on Tuesday, but no damage or injuries were reported, the country’s Geological Service said. No tsunami warning was issued.

The quake struck at 10:43 a.m. local time (11:43 a.m. EDT/1543 GMT) at a depth of 21 km (13 miles) and nearly 100 km west of Colombia’s Pacific coast.

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Syria’s War with Rebels Kills 18 in Hama

WEB Notes: The rebels cannot seem to win even with the support of the West which is why General Dempsey is making war preparations. There would be no conflict if it were not for the West as 70% of Syrians support of Assad.

(Yahoo) – President Bashar Assad’s forces killed at least 18 rebels in central Syria in clashes near the country’s main north-south highway, activists said Tuesday.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fighting took place overnight in Hama province near the town of Morek, which straddles the major road that links the capital, Damascus, with the largely rebel-held northern provinces.

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Whistleblower Attorney: Benghazi Attack Was About 400 SAM Missiles Stolen by Some ‘Very Ugly People’

WEB Notes: Another article states the missiles were stolen from the consulate itself. You do not store weapons of this magnitude at a embassy which is supposed to be used for peace. We may never know the truth about Benghazi…

(Video, Free Beacon) – Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova shed new light on the circumstances surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack Monday on WMAL.

DiGenova, legal representative for Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson, revealed new information from intelligence officials with knowledge of the incident indicates the assault on the U.S. mission concerned 400 surface-to-air missiles intended for Syrian rebels that were stolen by some “very ugly people.”

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