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The Fiat End Game: Preparing For A Way Forward

(Video) – The Fiat End Game: Preparing For A Way Forward, is a our latest micro-documentary focused on solutions to our current economic problems. Our current fiat currency standard is terminal, nations around the world are dropping the U.S. dollar as a medium of exchange, central banks are buying gold, and Americans are seeing price inflation during an economic downturn. In order to avoid a systemic financial crisis here in the U.S., we need to focus on solutions. Please watch this important video and join us in a new financial awakening happening right now all across America. – Sound Money Campaign
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Obama Ordered Gun Report Reveals Guns Actually Save Lives

(Guns Save Lives) – I wonder why the Obama administration and Joe “Double Barrels to the Sky” Biden aren’t touting this recent study done by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, under the directive of the Centers for Disease Control?

Oh, could it because it actually contains facts and actually many of those facts contained in the report are actually positive reasons for gun ownership?!

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The Truth Shall Keep Us Free

Which is more dangerous to personal liberty in a free society: a renegade who tells an inconvenient truth about government law-breaking, or government officials who lie about what the renegade revealed? That’s the core issue in the great public debate this summer, as Americans come to the realization that their government has concocted a system of laws violative of the natural law, profoundly repugnant to the Constitution and shrouded in secrecy.

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Roy Potter: Updates – What the Feds Did

Roy Potter

(Video) – We have been featuring some of the videos by Roy Potter from his YouTube channel on our site. He has a good take and has been able to bring forth some information and findings that we believe to be beneficial to our readers.

This is a two video post. One from the 25th. The other was posted yesterday, he explains some of the drama he has gone through over the past few days…

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Syrians Behead Christians for Helping Military, as CIA Ships in Arms

Muslim Jihadists

WEB Notes: U.S. citizens, this is what the man living in the White House supports. He is no Christian, do not be fooled.

(WT) – A priest and another Christian were beheaded before a cheering crowd by Syrian insurgents who say they aided and abetted the enemy, President Bashar Assad’s military, foreign media reported.

An undated video that made the Internet rounds on Wednesday showed two unnamed men with tied hands surrounded by a cheering crowd of dozens, just moments before their heads were cut off with a small knife, Syria Report said. The attackers in the video then lifted the head for show, and placed it back on the body. The incident took place in the countryside of Idlib, the media report said.

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New World Order: Henry Kissinger, Balkanized and Broken-Up Syria “Best Possible Outcome”

(Videos) – (Global Research) – In a very recent presentation at the Ford School, former secretary of state Henry Kissinger commented on the current Syrian situation, expressing his preference for a broken-up and balkanized Syria to emerge out of the current Assad-controlled unity (in the first video at the bottom, from 19 minutes and 30 seconds onward):
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New NSA leaks show email surveillance under Obama

WEB Notes: This information coming out is great as confirmation to those who have known about this for years. Share it with family and friends to bring them up to speed. However, keep your eye on the ball. 19 nations just completed the Eager Lion war games in Jordan simulating war with Syria. In addition Russia has just removed all of their personnel from Syria

These leaks are not leaks at all in my opinion. They are instead a choreographed moved by the globalists in order to reduce the citizens faith in this nation. It will make it that much easier to embrace a new world order after economic calamity and war. Make no mistake about it, a new world order is not far off. It is happening right before your eyes and it is very biblical.

(RT) – The Obama administration permitted the National Security Agency to continue collecting vast amounts of records detailing the email and Internet usage of Americans for more than two years, new documents reveal.

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Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption in New Interview

Tower of Basel

(Videos) – Whistleblowers continue to endure an increasing level of targeting and prosecution by an administration that touts its commitment to transparency. Despite this, many brave insiders continue to come forward to reveal the extent of corruption at the highest levels.

Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are taking center stage at the moment. Yet, former World Bank Senior Legal Counsel, Karen Hudes, seen in the video below with Sean Stone, and a new video interview with RT’s Abby Martin is revealing equally important information about corruption at the World Bank, and a tiny group pulling the strings of politicians and the media to suppress knowledge of their activities.

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Full Remote Control of ALL Modern U.S. Market Cars

WEB Notes: In light of the Hastings death which was surrounded by mystery this is worth a read. I do not share the thought the author has, but the idea of hacking vehicles is definitely a cause for concern. We will be posting a follow up to this article tomorrow that I am sure you will find extremely interesting…

(From The Trenches) – A team of hackers from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Washington conducted a study in 2010 which concluded that all cars equipped with antilock brakes sold in the U.S. can be hacked via remote control and have their brakes entirely disabled with the car in motion, throttle revved, and remain fully operational with the key removed and the car in park with all driver input entirely ignored. That this was done all the way back in 2010 only goes to show that this has been possible for a long time, and proves Larry Dever could have been killed the same way Hastings was, that is IF Hastings was not simply murdered beforehand blown up and burned mafia style as I think he was.

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US spooks stockpile arms for Syrian rebels in Jordan for August onslaught

The CIA is stockpiling arms in Jordan for US-trained Syrian rebels, which they will use in an offensive against Damascus starting August, according to The Wall Street Journal. Up to hundreds of fighters are to be armed and sent to the battlefield monthly.

The intelligence agency had stored Soviet-made arms at a network of secret warehouses in advance of the Obama administration’s decision to provide military assistance to the militants fighting against the government of Bashar Assad, the newspaper reports. The weapons include anti-tank missiles, which may be handed over to the Syrian rebels.

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US Army restricts access to Guardian website over secrets in NSA leak stories

WEB Notes: Why are they doing this? In order to keep the fascism out of our troops view?

The US Army confirmed on Thursday that access to The Guardian newspaper’s website has been filtered and restricted for its personnel. The policy is due to classified documents described in detail in the stories.
Gordon Van Vleet, spokesman for the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, or NETCOM, said in an email to the Monterey Herald that the Army is filtering “some access to press coverage and online content about the NSA leaks.”

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Russia Evacuates Tartus, Also Military, Diplomatic Personnel from Syria. High War Alert in Israel

(Video) – WEB Notes: The International Bankers literally control the world except for a few countries. Which countries? The ones involved in conflict right now. Syria and soon to be Iran. Russia and China are already on board, do not be fooled. Look at the games being played here. Click our “Russia” Category to see all the moves Russia has made in efforts to defend Syria over the past few months including moving ships to the region. Now they have packed up and moved out? Why? Because they were told to do so for the next stage of this conflict. (The wars of the Bible with Russia will occur, but it is not time.) 

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