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Survey Shows That A Majority Of Americans Believe Pornography And Polygamy Are Morally Acceptable

WEB Notes: This is not shocking in the least. Perversion has been normalized through television and social media to name a few outlets. We could also name our country and education system as a contributor, even many churches today as well who all push the agenda…

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Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse, Boy Scouts Announce Plans to Pass Out Condoms at World Jamboree

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? Of course you can. At this point the only thing hard to believe is why Christians still support this group. We do not send our children to Boy Scouts to learn about homosexuality or receive free condoms.

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U.S. Episcopal Church Bows To Gay Pressure, Deletes ‘Husband And Wife’ From Marriage Liturgy

WEB Notes: This is what happens when we allow “religion” to take over. This is what happens when we allow our ideals to be subverted and this is what happens when we compromise…

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GQ Magazine Lists Bible Among Books Not Worth Reading

WEB Notes: Only a fool would say the Bible is not worth reading, (Psalms 14:1). That is not an insult, simply a fact. It used to be over the course of maybe 10 years you might get a headline like this. Then you heard something like this once every 5 years. Today, we have three articles in a single day and I am sure there are plenty more if we keep digging. Do you see the level of hatred for God? The level of perversion?…

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Alabama Teacher Goes Home to Change After Principal Asks Her to Cover Up ‘Just Pray’ T-Shirt

WEB Notes: How many truly offensive t-shirts have you seen in your life? Someone thinks the phrase, “just pray” is offensive?! I would say, “what has this world come too,” but we already know. For those fed up with this type of news…

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Hundreds Flock to Cathedral’s ‘Beyonce Mass’ Blending Secular Pop Star’s Music With Scripture Readings, Communion

WEB Notes: Can you actually believe this? What kind of man of God would put on such a display, and what kind of follower of Christ would attend such an event? It becomes clearer by the day where we are on our Father’s timeline. Ensure you and your family stay on the right path by adhering to His Word, not the words of men…

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California Bill Could Ban Sale Of Some Christian Books, Including The Bible

WEB Notes: There is no way on God’s green earth the Bible is going to be banned in the once great state of California. Yet, if you read the bill itself, it sure would cover the banning of some of the Bible’s teachings. Will Christians in the state stand for it? They better not. This is just another example of radicals going radical. If you want to believe you are a woman, when you were born a man. That is your business, but don’t you dare tell me what I can and cannot say. Don’t you dare tell me what I can and cannot teach! If you do not like what I have to say, you click the little ‘x’ in your browser and you can make it all go away. Some snow flakes melt a little too easy.

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As China Pledges to Protect Religious Freedom, Bibles Vanish From Online Retailers

WEB Notes: The Word of God does not conform to the governments of men. The governments of men conform to the Word of God.

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On Good Friday, Cyprus Legalizes Abortion

On Good Friday, the parliament of the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus voted 33-8 to legalize abortion.

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Mississippi Church Leaves Denomination, Says United Methodists Not ‘Accepting The Authority Of The Scripture’

WEB Notes: Readers of our site know we do not support denominationalism. It simply divides Christ’s flock and you can see even this denominational church has had enough. Bravo to them for saying, enough is enough.

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Dozens Of ‘Christian’ Faith Leaders Sign Letter Supporting ‘Right To…Abortion’

WEB Notes: What a sad state of affairs we are in when the Christian leadership goes this far astray.

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Giant Wooden Penis Paraded Through Streets In Fertility Festival

WEB Notes: We have often said, people today are not much different than the heathen of old accounted for in the Bible. In God’s Word, we read about those worshipping idols, tree’s and even phallic symbols. Is today much different? Not at all. Not when we post an article about child sex dollars and giant penises being paraded through the streets….

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