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President Xi Tells China To Prepare For War

WEB Notes: When they join together in a one world government we will not have this problem will we? That will be the day when the words are fulfilled…

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Christians Facing Increased Persecution In China

WEB Notes: If Chinese “officials” want to hear about the Lord they should just come to service.

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Japan Plans To Flush Fukushima Water ‘Containing Radioactive Material Above Permitted Levels’ Into The Ocean

WEB Notes: That will do wonders for the environment. Where are all the tree huggers? You cry about cutting down a tree, but hey who cares about dumping toxic waste into the oceans.

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Hindu Parliament Seeks To ‘Get Rid of Christian Missionaries’ in India

A right-wing Hindu parliamentarian’s bid to drive Christian missionaries out of India is being branded as a political ploy ahead of polls in three key Indian states.

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The Worst Totalitarian Since Mao

WEB Notes: No, this is not an article about Iran or Syria. This is about China, our biggest trading partner. You see money talks, and you know the rest of that saying. Globalism is what this is all about. That is why the US government will not make a big deal out of this headline…

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China Says Its Economy Is Slowing

WEB Notes: The signs are building, are you paying attention?

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Chinese Government Destroys Christian Church, Bills Pastor for Demolition

WEB Notes: Very, very sad to see this transpiring in China. They have a major, major crack down on the Christian faith. Keep the prayers going. Our government is quick to point out anti-Christian behavior when it involves Iran, but you will not hear a peep about this from the US. Why? China is a part of the current global structure. Iran is not.

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India’s Top Court Rules Massive Biometric Identity Database Legal—With Restrictions

WEB Notes: You did not think they were going to rule in favor of the people did you? In case you are wondering what this is all about, you can read our past coverage on the issue.

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Hong Kong Bans Pro-Independence Party in Unprecedented Decision

WEB Notes: China is cracking down in a major way, why now? Their form of Christianity while never great is now being controlled at the state level like never before. Now China is banning political parties, I am sure that is nothing new, but more and more we are seeing the fist of China tightened.

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China Shuts Thousands Of Websites In Clean-Up Campaign

WEB Notes: “Illegal activities” = “religious proselytising”. China has certainly activated and rolled out a new agenda against religion, specifically Christianity. These headlines continue to flow out of China. This reminds me…

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Eric Schmidt, Ex-Google CEO, Predicts Internet Bifurcation With China

WEB Notes: We have been and continue to race toward a rapidly changing world. Read the quote below, it is very telling.

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Kim Jong Un Agrees to Work Towards a Peninsula Without Nukes or Threats

WEB Notes: This peace process continues to move forward. Very interesting times we live in. This is one of the last nations who have rebelled against globalism, so this is a big deal.

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