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India’s Top Court Rules Massive Biometric Identity Database Legal—With Restrictions

WEB Notes: You did not think they were going to rule in favor of the people did you? In case you are wondering what this is all about, you can read our past coverage on the issue.

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Hong Kong Bans Pro-Independence Party in Unprecedented Decision

WEB Notes: China is cracking down in a major way, why now? Their form of Christianity while never great is now being controlled at the state level like never before. Now China is banning political parties, I am sure that is nothing new, but more and more we are seeing the fist of China tightened.

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China Shuts Thousands Of Websites In Clean-Up Campaign

WEB Notes: “Illegal activities” = “religious proselytising”. China has certainly activated and rolled out a new agenda against religion, specifically Christianity. These headlines continue to flow out of China. This reminds me…

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Eric Schmidt, Ex-Google CEO, Predicts Internet Bifurcation With China

WEB Notes: We have been and continue to race toward a rapidly changing world. Read the quote below, it is very telling.

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Kim Jong Un Agrees to Work Towards a Peninsula Without Nukes or Threats

WEB Notes: This peace process continues to move forward. Very interesting times we live in. This is one of the last nations who have rebelled against globalism, so this is a big deal.

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China Forbids Children From Churches as Religious Rights Diminish

WEB Notes: I have never seen this much anti-Christian news come out of China as I have seen in the last couple of weeks. This is a major escalation for a nation who has 20% of the world’s population. Our Father is not pleased, but we were warned this would transpire in these last days. Strap on the Gospel Armor, keep it polished and share His Word with those who will listen…

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China Moves to Ban Internet Church Activities

WEB Notes: China is banning everything “church” unless it is “approved” ahead of time by the communist nation. That is not freedom of religion. As bad as things may be in the US, we are doing far better than our Chinese counterparts. Make sure to keep them in your prayers. It is a lot harder for them to be Christians than you and I.

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Putin Wants A Peace Treaty With Japan ‘Before The End Of This Year’

WEB Notes: There has been a fair amount of peace buildup this year. The biggest being North Korea which is still a project in the works. Now Japan and Russia are working toward peace, a subject that has been avoided for 70 years between the two nations. Prophecy comes to pass daily. How does it all end? “The Timeline of the Tribulation

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Russia Launches Biggest Ever War Games, China Participates

WEB Notes: The nations are going to do what the nations are going to do. No, Russia is not going to drop a nuke on the US. Relax.

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China Outlaws Large Underground Protestant Church In Beijing

WEB Notes: If you recall from some of the previous articles we have posted on the subject, China will now only allow their flavor of Christianity. This is deeply disturbing and will push the underground Christian churches further underground. Keep them in your prayers, they pay a heavy price, daily, for their beliefs.

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Kim Jong-Un’s Dismantling Of Launch Site Means ‘Complete Suspension’ Of Rocket Tests

South Korea says North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told him that dismantling work at his main rocket launch site meant the “complete suspension” of all future long-range ballistic missile tests.

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Rockefeller Foundation to Invest $20M to Electrify Rural India

WEB Notes: India recently launched a new biometric ID card as well in order to catalog all of its citizens. Technology is making data gathering much easier for big brother. When rural India becomes electrified they will be connected to everything else digital. This all leads us up to the events of the end times.

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