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2,000-Year-Old Jerusalem Inscription Bears City’s Name

WEB Notes: Despite what many will say, there is a multitude of evidence in Israel that supports the Bible.

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Historians Think Ancient City Of King David Uncovered Near Jerusalem

WEB Notes: also records this story as well.

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Hoard Of Bronze Coins From ‘Great Revolt’ Unearthed In Jerusalem

WEB Notes: There is plenty of documentation that the ancient nation of Israel was once where modern Israel is located for those who doubt. This article goes on to reference the, “Jews” as the inhabitants of this region. Now let me ask you, what is a “Jew”?…

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Ancient Christian Writing Saying ‘God Jesus Christ’ To Go On Display To Public For First Time

Roman Era Mosaic God Jesus Christ

Roman Era Mosaic: “The god-loving Akeptous has offered the table to God Jesus Christ as a memorial” – Haaretz

WEB Notes: There is so much proof of Christianity in Israel that it baffles the mind how it can be ignored.

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Archaeologists Decode One Of Last Two Undeciphered Dead Sea Scrolls

WEB Notes: The Dead Sea Scrolls contain the oldest copies of our Old Testament by at least 500-700 years. The Old Testament in our Bibles comes from the Massoriates whose collection of Old Testament books is known as the Massorah

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2,700-Year-Old Biblical Seal Unearthed In Jerusalem

WEB Notes: Some people say there is no proof of the Bible in history. Those people have not opened their eyes to the truth. There are immense artifacts and other documents that prove the scriptures are real and true…

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Archaeologists Discover Seal Bearing Name of Biblical King Hezekiah in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a mark from the seal of biblical King Hezekiah, who helped build Jerusalem into an ancient metropolis.

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‘Astonishing’: Oldest Biblical Text Since Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered in Israel

Source: Christian News – American and Israeli archaeologists and researchers have announced that they have deciphered what they believe is the oldest biblical text discovered since the finding of the Dead Sea scrolls.

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