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How To See A Supermoon Solar Eclipse On Friday The 13th

While the superstitious may avoid venturing outdoors this Friday the 13th, some lucky sky-watchers around the South Pacific may get to witness an event not seen on this spooky date in 44 years: a super-size new moon blocking out part of the sun.

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When Is The Blood Moon? July’s Will Be The Longest Lunar Eclipse This Century

The night of July 27 and the morning of July 28—depending on your location—will see the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting for 1 hour 43 minutes, EarthSky reported.

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Black Holes Could Actually Be Colliding Wormholes

WEB Notes: Considering the fact that black holes actually pull matter, even light into themselves one has to wonder, where does it all go? Our Father’s universe is not only vast, but truly amazing and fascinating to consider.

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Astronomers See Distant Eruption As Black Hole Destroys Star

WEB Notes: Our Father’s universe is so large, detailed and expansive we truely cannot fathom it. One of the galaxies mentioned is 150 million light years from earth. That means the light we see from that universe is light from an event or activity 150 million years ago! That thought always amazes me. Now think, those who stand with God and do right by Him will inherit all things, what an amazing promise by God (Revelation 21:7). Make sure you claim it.

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NASA Curiosity Rover: Mars Has Life? Building Blocks Discovered

WEB Notes: Building blocks exist on Mars they say, yet there is no life there. Why?

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Saturn’s Multicolored Rings Dazzle in Photo by Cassini Spacecraft

WEB Notes: Very interesting. You will find more photos here.

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NASA’s 4K Moon Video Tour Will Blow You Away

WEB Notes: They zoom into the moon landing site as well in the video. This is pretty interesting and really shows off 4k technology.

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Astronomers Glimpse Cosmic Dawn, When The Stars Switched On

WEB Notes: Yup, that is it folks. The stars created themselves out of who knows what, from who knows where and get this… One day… They just decided to turn themselves on! That is right, all by their lonesome even. It gets better, you and I were formed from, wait for it… STAR DUST! Oh yes, it does not get much better than that from the Science Fiction crowd…

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: Mysterious 200-year-old Storm May Be About to End

A ferocious storm has battered Jupiter for at least 188 years. From Earth, it is observed as red swirling clouds racing counter-clockwise in what is known as the planet’s “Great Red Spot.” But after shrinking for centuries, it may now be on the brink of disappearing for good.

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A Solar Storm Is Approaching Earth

WEB Notes: I know at least one of our readers will get to see this.

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NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Snaps Image 3.8 Billion Miles Away From Earth

WEB Notes: The expanse of God’s Creation is boundless compared to us. It is absolutely mind blowing to think about how much space is really out there, beyond even what we can see.

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Planets Discovered Outside Milky Way Galaxy for First Time

WEB Notes: God’s creation is so vast, mankind could live forever and still not discover it all.

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