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Christian College Restores Ban On Homosexual Relationships After Backlash

WEB Notes: I tell you what. The big boys will always look after the big boys. I do not believe the “board of trustees” ever stood against the homosexual agenda. I believe they are providing themselves cover, this happens all the time at this level….

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Supreme Court Rules For Baker Who Refused Wedding Cake For Gay Couple

WEB Notes: Once in a while we get a victory and this is a very nice one. This has been going on for five years now. Make sure to thank our Father for the little victory’s we receive along our path through life.

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‘End Times Fatigue’: Evangelicals Find Biblical Case For Israel Less Compelling

WEB Notes: End times fatigue. When people believe the Return of Christ is next year, each and every year that will certainly bring about end times fatigue. If you continue reading this article at the source, this thought process left some abandoning their faith…

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National Day of Prayer

Today is National Prayer Day.

The obvious thing to say is pray for our country, but what does that even mean at this point? Our leaders have turned away from our Father and they break the Laws of the Land. Our nation leads never ending wars in foreign lands all in the name of globalism…

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When Americans Say They Believe in God, What Do They Mean?

WEB Notes: I see many articles in the mainstream citing this poll and twisting the numbers. Some claim 90% of respondents believe in God, that is not true, they believe in a god. The fact of the matter is only 56% of Americans “believe in God as described in the Bible.” That is a far cry from 90%. If you do not believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was born of a Virgin, died and rose again for our sins, then you are not a Christian, (John 3:16). It is that simple.

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University Event Aims To Combat ‘Christian Privilege’

WEB Notes: These are the ideals and thoughts of liberals who feel they are entitled to your money. They feel entitled to have what you rightfully earned. I do not know about you, but I am Christian and Caucasian and I worked for everything I have and no one gave me anything. Actually, in my life I was actually treated unfairly due to my race in the workplace. So do not tell me my Christianity and my “whiteness” helped me get ahead in life…

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Did Pope Francis Say There Is No Hell?

It is being claimed that Pope Francis has stated, hell does not exist. I have seen commentators all over the globe chime in on this. Did he say it? Other commentators say, ‘then what did Christ die for?’ On and on it goes. There is one simple answer… What did God say? After all, it is His, God’s Word, not man’s word, so we should check in with Him for the answer…

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51% of Churchgoers Don’t Know of the Great Commission

WEB Notes: Then what exactly are they being taught in church? If you do not know what it is you are to be doing as a Christian, then what good are you to Christ?…

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Top Reason Young People Convert to Christianity Will Definitely Surprise You

WEB Notes: I am surprised alright and disappointed. If the appearance of a building is making some youth go to church, they will not stay there that long. You do not go to church to look at a building, you go to learn about the Bible. A building could be built with gold and diamonds and if they fail to teach God’s Word there, what good is?

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Christians Should Prepare To Defend From Mass Shooters In Church

Like many others, I suspect mass murders in churches will increase in the near future. Christ warned us the world would hate us because it hates him. As the West increasingly chooses to reject its Christian roots, it therefore cannot help but turn to persecution and murder. There is no middle ground in this conflict where Christians are simply left to go about our business.

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Indonesian Christians Flogged Outside Of Mosque For Violating Sharia Law

Indonesia publicly caned two Christians in a rare case of non-Muslims punished under sharia law.

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Bible Burning in Southern India Shows Depth of Hostility toward Christians

Hindu extremists in southern India issued harsh threats to Christians distributing Bibles before snatching their car keys, taking Bibles out of their vehicle and setting the Scripture on fire, sources said.

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