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11 Dead, Several Others Shot At Pittsburgh Synagogue

WEB Notes: No one should hate someone due to their race, color or creed and certainly not go out and commit murder…

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Teen Gives 89Yr Old Neighbor Brownie Laced With Tranquilizer In Plan To Steal From Her

WEB Notes: This is turning into a flashback Friday at this point. In times not long ago, our young used to help the elderly across the street, now they drug and steal from them. How things have changed. Does it make it right? Not a chance, so what does the Bible have to say?…

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California’s Illegal Alien Office Holder Was Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border in 2013

WEB Notes: And you wonder why this state is going down the drain? This is a crime, plain and simple. You know this is the stated goal of some radicals in Mexico… It is called the “Reconquista,” to take back the south west of the US. What these people fail to realize is the US bought and paid for the land. The United States could have easily finished taking over all of Mexico during the way long ago, but they displayed sympathy and stopped short.

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University OKs Guns on Campus… 6 Months Later the Results Are Breathtaking

WEB Notes: The article tells us crime decreased by 13%. Why do you think that is? Because you do not know who has a firearm and who does not! It keeps the “honest” people honest as they say. You are not going to come and take my wallet if you think I could be packing a firearm to send you back to the Father. Now if I held a sign that said, “defenseless” that would be quite another story.

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Schools Are Safer Than They Were In The 1990S

The deadly school shooting this month in Parkland, Florida, has ignited national outrage and calls for action on gun reform. But while certain policies may help decrease gun violence in general, it’s unlikely that any of them will prevent mass school shootings, according to James Alan Fox, the Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy at Northeastern.

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Syria Conflict: Women ‘Sexually Exploited In Return For Aid’

WEB Notes: These people are the lowest life forms on the plant. Who in their right mind would take advantage of someone like this in return for life-saving aid? It makes one sick to their stomach. The people of Syria were a lot better off before the West invaded their land.

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$10M San Fran Playground Employs Guards to Keep Out ‘Needles, Poop’ and ‘Unaccompanied Adults’

WEB Notes: This is paradise for some people oddly enough. I can tell you that certainly is not the life I would choose for myself or family. There are so many truly nice places out there to see and live. One does not need to live like this.

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‘It Just Didn’t Feel Right’: Vigilant Flight Attendant Saves Two Teen Girls From Sex Trafficking Plot

WEB Notes: Very nice to see something like this stopped beforehand. Very disturbing to understand two young girls did not have enough disipline in their life and would do something like this.

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17 Killed In Mass Shooting At High School In Parkland, Florida

WEB Notes: On Ash Wednesday.

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Mexico To Send Troops To Stem Violence After Record 25,000 Murders

Mexican officials said on Sunday the government was set to unleash a new wave of troops to crack down on criminal groups in regions where a surge in violence led to more than 25,000 murders last year.

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Kentucky Governor Confirms One Dead, Multiple Injured In School Shooting

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin confirmed on Twitter that one person died and several more were injured in a school shooting Tuesday morning.

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State of the World: Mexico Record Murders, Venezuela Unrest, Crime Swamps Sweden

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