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US Military Given More Authority To Launch Preventative Cyberattacks

WEB Notes: Here is the first step in automating cyberwar, maybe warfare in general. Due process should always be streamlined, but it needs to be there. We are walking a very dangerous line that very few probably even see.

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EU Pushes Internet Firms To Remove Extremist Content In One Hour

WEB Notes: This is the great push to remove content that goes along with the accepted global belief and Jesus Christ is not a part of that. We should stand strong against the ideal of banning content. If you do not like the content, close the browser, problem solved. We do not need to ban content, it is peoples right to say what they want and believe what they want. It is why we are here today, to decide whether we follow God, or Satan.

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IBM Used NYPD Surveillance Footage to Develop Technology That Lets Police Search by Skin Color

While facial recognition technology, which measures individual faces at over 16,000 points for fine-grained comparisons with other facial images, has attracted significant legal scrutiny and media attention, this object identification software has largely evaded attention. How exactly this technology came to be developed and which particular features the software was built to catalog have never been revealed publicly by the NYPD.

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Unmanned Airship The ‘Size Of A Double-Decker Bus’ Loaded With High-Definition Cameras

WEB Notes: Between data tracking, camera’s all over cities and so on. The word “privacy” will soon be obsolete.

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CENSORED! How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech

WEB Notes: Visit the source for the full scoop.

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Senators Criticize Google CEO for Declining to Testify

Google’s Sundar Pichai is facing bipartisan criticism for refusing to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing next week, but the panel’s chairman signaled he’s unlikely to issue a subpoena to force the chief executive officer to appear.

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If Amazon Can Ban My Best-Selling Gun-Blueprint Book, It Can Ban Anything

WEB Notes: Read the full article at the source. Years ago, we wanted lower prices and then came along the big box stores to give us just that. But at what cost?

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Tech Companies Are Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy

WEB Notes: Tech companies gathered together? When was the last time you heard about Ford and Chevy working together in a secret meeting? Get out of here already…

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Facebook Is Rating The Trustworthiness Of Every User To Crack Down On ‘Bad Actors’

WEB Notes: It is not their duty to do such a thing. They are doing this in an effort to crack down on “fake news”. Remember what we said about the whole “fake news” thing when it came out? It will be used as a reason to ban free speech. I think we all knew that coming out of the gate. What about satire websites? Will they be banned now too?

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Globalist George Soros Helped Fund Social Media Censorship

WEB Notes: Surprise, surprise. What should not be a surprise to you is Soros is simply a front man for a broad agenda hatched by those who lurk in the darkness. Satan’s kids are always very mischevious. Controlling the flow of information is how you control the world, With that control you can change perceptions about things and events in the world and with that, and the keys to the financial kingdom you can change the world. If that all just went over your head then head on over to the Bible study section and read…

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Shopify Targets Law-Abiding Firearm Businesses

WEB Notes: Shopify is a web host, they will place your blog and business site on their server for a fee. Now they have overstepped their bounds and decided that a legal business, firearms, is now against their policy and they are shutting down those sites. This is an absolute disgrace! Shopify offers a great solution, but they should not shut down the sale of legal products. This is yet another violation of our rights and narrows the area where one can make a living. Let them know how you feel. I just sent mine, please send yours as well.

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U.S. Government Seeks Facebook Help To Wiretap Messenger 

WEB Notes: Facebook and big brother will do what Facebook and big brother will do. We have seen Facebook continue to ban accounts and silence free speech and supposedly people are taking notice. It has been a while since I said it, but the whole corporate America government “relationship” is like the old school movie Roller Ball…

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