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Farm Bankruptcies On The Rise According To New Fed Report

WEB Notes: The signs are all over the place that the economic conditions of our world are rapidly changing. Are you paying attention?

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Foreign Buyers Find U.S. Treasuries Less Appealing

WEB Notes: Some say America will never fall, but according to history that is not true. America has survived for more than 200 years which is about the max for a nation. Before the fall of a nation throughout historical times its debt rises and its moral compass spins out of control…

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$9 Trillion Corporate Debt Bomb Is ‘Bubbling’ In The U.S. Economy

WEB Notes: Everyone seems to be talking about the next 12-18 months. We will see. Christians have nothing to fear, the economy does not make us who we are and we certainly know our Father is more than capable of providing.

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3 In 10 Shoppers Still Have Debt From Last Year

WEB Notes: Can you believe that? Of course you do. This is America, land of the slave to debt. We have been brainwashed into changing the conception of Christ into one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. A time when Americans go buy a bunch of things they do not need, and pay interest to boot…

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Total Household Debt Rises for 17th Straight Quarter

WEB Notes: This is nothing new, the cycle continues. People stay out of debt, if you do not have the cash, you do not need it.

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Feds Collect Record Taxes in October; Still Run $100B Deficit

WEB Notes: Another quarter, the same sad ol song. No matter who is in office the same song plays over and over again. We only expect to hear a different one.

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20% Of Student Loan Borrowers Can’t Make Payments Next Year

WEB Notes: Well this must be more “fake news” I guess, right along with the 95 million working age Americans who are not working. But hey, the government tells me unemployment is around 3% or so. I believe them, they would never lie to me (insert lots of sarcasm).

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America’s Homeless Crisis Deepens, Rises to 550,000

WEB Notes: Read this headline and then the article and you will find the same sad excuse that is used to justify or explain a problem…

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Over 50% Of Americans Recieve More In Welfare Than They Pay In Taxes

WEB Notes: Of course, the US is not called the welfare state for nothing.  Then they tell us only 3% of the nation is unemployed, when we know there are over 95 million working age men and woman not working? Boy, these guys are headline doctors I tell you.

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Nearly Half The World Lives On Less Than $5.50 A Day – World Bank

WEB Notes: $5.50 a day people. Now go thank your father you live in a blessed nation and pray for those who do not.

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U.S. Fed Buys $1.1 Billion Of Mortgage Bonds, Sells None

WEB Notes: The Federal Reserve has to buy these bonds as no one else wants to hold them. This is helping to prop up the housing market. If the Fed stopped buying these bonds and continues to raise the interest rates you would see the market crash a lot faster than it will.

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Venezuela: Nearly 2M People Have Fled Country Since 2015

WEB Notes: The United States has sought to overtake Venezuela for more years than I can remember. Some of you may recall Chavez, their former leader accused the US of trying to assassinate him and of course, he meet his untimely death due to “cancer”…

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