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Cash-Strapped Americans Are Leveraging Their Homes to Pay the Bills

WEB Notes: Well, where have we heard this before? Rewind that tape back to 2007-2008 and you will hear the same news. That would be right before the last economic collapse. Readers, listen and listen well. Do not, do not, do not “tap” into your home equity to pay your bills…

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California’s Poverty Rate Is Still The Highest In The US

WEB Notes: A lot of people have been brainwashed into believing California is the only place to live. Most of those people have never left the state and experienced other states. They are missing out on a lot, let me tell you.

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Subprime Begins to Haunt Credit Card Balances

The delinquency rate on credit-card loan balances at commercial banks other than the largest 100 – so at the nearly 5,000 smaller banks in the US – rose to 6.2% in the second quarter. This exceeds the peak during the Financial Crisis by a full percentage point and was up from 4.0% a year ago.

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Lack Of Food Pushes 2.3 Million To Flee Venezuela

WEB Notes: Unfortunately this situation continues to worsen. Please say a prayer for our brothers and sisters in that nation.

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U.S. Spending On Interest Hits All Time High As Budget Deficit Soars To $684 Billion

WEB Notes: As you can see, nothing changes from one administration to the next. Up, up and away goes the debt and the amount of interest we pay on it.

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Turkish Banks Scramble To Stave Off Debt Crisis, As Lira Plummets

Desperation is rising in Turkey’s banking sector following months of escalating political and financial instability. Benchmark interest rates have been hiked 10 percentage points so far this year to over 17%, making it much more expensive for companies and families to service their debt. But even that hasn’t stopped the Turkish Lira from plunging almost 25% since March.

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San Juan: The Venezuelan City Where Nothing Works Anymore

WEB Notes: Be thankful for what you have in life, you never know when it can be taken away.

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Ontario Canada Stops Free Basic Income Project

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me giving away other peoples money did not work out? One of the party leaders called the end of the program a disgrace. If they really feel that way, they should give away their own money to those families. There is nothing stopping them from doing that. The thing about Liberalism is they do not mind giving away other peoples money, they just do not want to give away theirs. Maybe one day they will figure it out… Maybe not.

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Venezuela’s Inflation to Reach 1 Million Percent, IMF Forecasts

Venezuela’s inflation will skyrocket to 1 million percent by the end of the year as the government continues to print money to cover a growing budget hole, the International Monetary Fund predicted on Monday.

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Food-Stamp Use Is Still at Recession-Era Levels Despite Job Gains

WEB Notes: And the Trumpites will claim Trump did this all by his lonesome. Little do they recall the former communist in chief, I mean commander in chief Obama already had the numbers coming down. Boy that is not a popular statement, but it is a fact. We recently discussed the job numbers and brought this to light as well. Do not be one of those people who puts their head in the sand and only listens to party politics. Both of the parties are corrupt and they do not have your best interest at heart. If they did, our nation would not be where it is today…

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The $247 Trillion Global Debt Bomb Is Ticking

WEB Notes: Note the bold and underline we added below. You should read the whole article from the source. Everyone’s debt is peaking is the point with rate hikes to boot and of course how could we forget, inflation

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Inflation Hits 6-Year High, Wiping Out Wage Gains For The Average American

WEB Notes: Inflation is a sign of a growing economy they say. They will spin the web anyway they can to brainwash you into their version of the truth. The economy maybe growing for the bankers, but not for the American taxpayer.

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