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Trump’s Attacks Weaken Transatlantic Security Relationship, But Europe Has Few Alternatives

WEB Notes: Propaganda alert. As a reader of World Events and the Bible you know Germany, as one small example relies exclusively on the United States for military support. You also know Russia is not a threat to the United States of America. The power and might of the US knows no bounds. It can fight multiple wars across the globe, a feat no other nation can come close too. So relax the next time you hear Russia or China is going to rock someone’s ship.

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Work Less, Accomplish More: New Zealand Firm’s 4-Day Work Week an ‘Unmitigated Success’

WEB Notes: Since when do companies go out of their way for their employees? People are quite literally worked to the bone with very little free time for themselves. This sounds like a great compromise which benefits both the employee and employer. We all need a “work life balance”. What have you really gained in the end if you have a bank full of money, but never were able to spend time with your loved ones or give our Father the time He deserves?

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It’s Time For The United States To Stop Funding National Security For The World

WEB Notes: We were just talking about this subject on a broader level. In this piece the author dives into Germany. Once again, there is no reason why the US so many military bases across the globe… The only reason is to continue the global agenda of one worldism. Some see that, some do not. Read the article from the source. Your eyes will be enlightened by the economic numbers of Germany.

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Genetically Modified Babies Given Go Ahead By UK Ethics Body

WEB Notes: First it was Dolly the sheep right, they cloned her. I am sure there were things in between since then, but what jumps out to me next is the three-parent baby, you remember that one…

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UK PM: There Could Be ‘No Brexit At All’

WEB Notes: Continuing reading from the source and you will find that statement. None of this should surprise anyone. It has been a few years already since the people voted.

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Businessman is So Moved By Homeless Man’s Story, He Offers Him a Job On the Spot

WEB Notes: James did not just give the homeless guy a fish, he taught him how to fish. This is a great example for us to take with us in our daily life.

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Drug Deaths Reach Record High In Scotland

WEB Notes: In all the nations that have kicked out God, you never hear how things become better in those nations do you? Of course you do not. When you push out our Father, you push out the Light and when you do that you are left in darkness.

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Christian Doctor Loses Job For Saying ‘We Are Made Male Or Female’

WEB Notes: More “perceived truth”. This Christian doctor knows what he is talking about here. To say someone should be called by the gender they “identify” with is distorting reality. You are born male or female, you cannot change that as you go through life. That is trying to manipulate truth. Truth is truth, it cannot be made into a lie.

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Warning Of A Global Crisis, Germany’s Angela Merkel Pledges ‘Every Effort’ To Avert A U.S. Trade War

WEB Notes: In other news, “China: US Is ‘Firing At The Whole World’ With Tariffs“. Even though we have a global order today, it is not complete and will not be complete until the six kingdom becomes solidified. Right now we are seeing the current global structure become a little rocky and yes, this is by design and when it crumbles it will bring about the completion of the sixth kingdom, no we are not talking about the “Deadly Wound“.

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Poland Supreme Court Rules Against Print Shop Owner Who Declined to Create Homosexual Event Banner

The Supreme Court of Poland has ruled against a print shop owner who declined to create a banner for a homosexual group as he believed that it would be wrong to promote something that God calls a sin. The banner was reportedly to have announced upcoming events hosted by the organization.

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Welsh First Minister Celebrates LGBTQ+ Sex Education

WEB Notes: This guy is going to find he is long gone if he does not change his ways and stop trying to pervert our children. Did I just judge him? Nope…

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Syphilis Cases Up 20 Per Cent In One Year

Cases of syphilis – the sexually transmitted disease which left untreated can lead to meningitis and heart problems – have risen by a fifth in just one year.

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