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E.U. Leaders Struggle To Save Iran Economic Ties From U.S. Sanctions

WEB Notes: This is one of many reasons why the children of Satan need a truly united order. So the globe as a whole is of one order.

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Tough Choices Loom for Theresa May to Meet Brexit Promises

Nearly two years after the Brexit referendum, the U.K. stands on the brink of a full-blown political crisis.

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UK: ‘Creating Drug Rooms Tells Users: We Have Given Up On You’

WEB Notes: They say the idea is “misguided“. Talk about an understatement. I think we need an ol Bible lesson on this one…

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Finland Will End Its Basic Income Experiment In 2019

Finland’s universal basic income experiment will end next year, and lawmakers there are quietly moving toward a different welfare approach.

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Humans Will Be Genetically Modified For The First Time In Europe

WEB Notes: We have discussed this subject over the years. Modifying our very genes, I feel, is going a bit too far with our own knowledge. We know this technology is and will be advanced further to make it possible to have “designer babies” among other things. It is literally right out of the movie, Gattaca.

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May Defends Syria Airstrikes Without Parliamentary Vote

WEB Notes: The leaders of today do not follow the laws of the land which is very disturbing. It is a slap in the face to the citizens of their nations who do follow the laws of the land. The US has been waging war in Syria for years now without a vote by our own government for such action.

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After Gas Attack, US, UK, France Weigh Strike On Syria By End Of Week

Trump administration officials have consulted with global allies on a possible joint military response to Syria’s alleged poison gas attack, as US President Donald Trump canceled a foreign trip in order to manage a crisis that is testing his vow to stand up to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

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Poland Agrees $4.75Bn Purchase Of US Patriot Missile Systems For ‘Unprecedented’ Security

WEB Notes: Yesterday it was Saudi Arabia, now Poland. Pettling death for dollars. What a great way to make a living. What would one expect when Satan is the god of this world, (2 Corinthians 4:4)?

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Even the World’s Most Cashless Nation Doesn’t Want to Go Fully Cashless

There are small but growing signs that Europe’s “War on Cash” is not going exactly according to plan. First, a number of central bankers began voicing concerns about its potential ramifications. Now, even in Sweden, the first European country to enlist its own citizens as largely willing guinea pigs in an economic experiment — negative interest rates in a cashless society — public support is beginning to waver.

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Switzerland Has A Stunningly High Rate Of Gun Ownership — Here’s Why It Doesn’t Have Mass Shootings

Switzerland hasn’t had a mass shooting since 2001, when a man stormed the local parliament in Zug, killing 14 people and then himself.

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UK: Nearly Two Out Of Five Cases Of Cancer Avoidable, Research Shows

WEB Notes: I am sure these numbers are the same in the US if not a bit higher.

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Gunman Takes Hostages In South France, Claims Link To ISIS

A gunman who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State took hostages at a supermarket in the town of Trebes in southern France Friday. At least two people shot may have died during the incident, the head of the police there told Agence France-Presse.

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