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Airline To Host Exclusive Homosexual ‘Pride’ Party At 38,000 Feet With ‘Inter-Seat Speed Dating’

WEB Notes: 2 Thessalonians 2:12. There is a big difference between the occational sin and taking pleasure in sin.

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Switzerland Votes Overwhelmingly To Jail Citizens For ‘Homophobia,’ ‘Transphobia’

WEB Notes: This still has to be approved by their “Council of States” in December. Regardless, to have a bunch of people voting for something like this is insanity. One of the reasons stated was the high suicide rate among homosexuals…

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Italy’s Debt Crisis Flares Up, Banks Get Hit, as Showdown with the EU Intensifies

WEB Notes: These are the headlines same headlines from years ago. I keep driving the point home, the crisis never went away, nothing was fixed. Fake money was injected into the system and low interest rates were introduced to bring the patient (financial system) back to life. The patient was never taken off life support. When they remove life support, those tools just mentioned, the system will come down only it will be far worse than before.

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Era Of Bank Secrecy Ends As Swiss Start Sharing Account Data

WEB Notes: A Swiss bank account that is not secret? Soon the word “secret” will no longer exist.

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Italy Borrowing Costs Rise After New Calls To Leave The Euro 

WEB Notes: Borrowing costs rise. That means it costs more to get a loan, which means they can afford less. This is going to start occurring all over the globe and it already has. Accident? No, just like 2008 was not an accident. This is a planned event to bring the world closer together. Remember, after the horns of the Ram are broken, the He Goat of Daniel 8 also suffers a broken horn, and then the Four Winds begin to blow on the earth.

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World Is Sleepwalking Towards Another Financial Crisis, Former UK PM Brown Warns

WEB Notes: Nothing has changed, he has that right. They papered over the crisis. What does that mean? It means through bailouts and artificially cheap interest rates they brought the market back to life. The next crash I would anticipate being far greater than before and lead us further down prophecy lane.

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EU Pushes Internet Firms To Remove Extremist Content In One Hour

WEB Notes: This is the great push to remove content that goes along with the accepted global belief and Jesus Christ is not a part of that. We should stand strong against the ideal of banning content. If you do not like the content, close the browser, problem solved. We do not need to ban content, it is peoples right to say what they want and believe what they want. It is why we are here today, to decide whether we follow God, or Satan.

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‘13-Year-Olds Can Have Sex If They Want’, NHS & Scot Govt Resource Says

WEB Notes: Only a sicko would want something like this. Instead of worrying about our children’s educations, someone wack job is worried about making it legal for them to have sex. I wonder why.

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Britain Would Now Vote 59-41 To Stay In The EU

WEB Notes: It has been almost three years now and Britain has still not pushed out the globalists and they never will. Being a part of the EU is not the only way to be a part of globalism.

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‘We Don’t Want To Live In Middle East & Africa’: Czech PM Blasts EU Migration Policy

WEB Notes: Of course this man is right. Allowing uncontrolled immigration is a crime against your own people. It destroys the fabric of your nation, its culture and history. If you are looking to save the world, go to the third world and help them. The rest of us can only afford to do so much including feeding our own people.

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Unmanned Airship The ‘Size Of A Double-Decker Bus’ Loaded With High-Definition Cameras

WEB Notes: Between data tracking, camera’s all over cities and so on. The word “privacy” will soon be obsolete.

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Measles Cases Hit Record High In Europe

WEB Notes: As usual they are blaming those who refuse vaccines for the record high. How about the rampant illegal immigration problem in Europe? Are they really going to tell us that has nothing to do with it?

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