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US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low: What’s Behind The Decline?

WEB Notes: They really do not provide any answers here. They mention the economy and that could be one reason. Another reason could be, as a people we are distracted by “life,” the things we perceive to be important…

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Judge Overturns California’s Assisted Suicide Law

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me someone passed an illegal measure? Say it is not so! Unfortunately, that happens all too often in our world. Nevertheless, we have a victory here, even if it is short lived.

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YouTube Bans Pro-Life Channel Over ‘Harmful’ Content

A pro-life organisation has had a YouTube channel suspended because its content was deemed to be “harmful or dangerous”.

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Blue Light From Phones, Computers Could Lead To Major Eye Problems

You wouldn’t stare at the sun for hours on end, but you’re already doing something very similar and it’s likely having a huge impact on your eyes.

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Mobile Phone Cancer Warning As Malignant Brain Tumours Double

WEB Notes: That is more than a little concerning. Everyone has a mobile phone these days. Try to limit your use and use speaker phone when you are able.

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Nine Out Of 10 People Breathing Polluted Air: WHO

WEB Notes: Look at this photo from the source and remember, they want you to stop driving your pick-um-up truck because it pollutes. Give me a break already. You know the new gasoline pickups have an ignition shut off these days? If you idle for more than a few seconds, the vehicle shuts off. Let off the break and it fires right up. We go out of our way in this nation to curb pollution. As nasty as the air is in LA, it still looks nothing like that photo.

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Took A Ancestry DNA Test? Here’s What You Should Know About Privacy

You just wanted to find out if you were Portuguese or Spanish, but instead you found out you were related to a mass murderer.

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UK: ‘Creating Drug Rooms Tells Users: We Have Given Up On You’

WEB Notes: They say the idea is “misguided“. Talk about an understatement. I think we need an ol Bible lesson on this one…

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New Form Of DNA Discovered Inside Living Human Cells The Independent

WEB Notes: The more we discover, the more we realize how little we truly know.

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Five Things To Consider Before Ordering An Online DNA Test

Source: The Conversation – You might be intrigued by what your genes could tell you about your ancestry or the health risks hidden in your DNA. If so, you’re not alone.

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Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood

The Republican governor of Tennessee has signed into law a bill that defunds the abortion and contraceptive giant Planned Parenthood, as well as any other organization that performs abortions.

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Parents Sue Over State’s Newborn Blood Testing For Genetic Diseases

WEB Notes: No one has control or any right over your own body. That cannot be stressed enough. If you lose the right to your own body, you have no rights whatsoever. The article continues stating unless parents opt out the blood is kept and sold off to a private blood bank.

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