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Americans Are Gobbling Up Fake Meat And Milk Faster Than Ever

WEB Notes: This is news? Americans have been “gobbling up” fake meat from low-quality fast food chains for years.

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U.S. Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Requiring Burial or Cremation of Aborted Babies

WEB Notes: So a Federal Judge overruled state law. What happened to the right of the states? What a lack of value for life here. If the baby is murdered by a doctor, it is discarded as “medical waste”. Lord have mercy on our souls.

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Want To Live Longer? NIA Study Links Fasting To Longevity

People have been fasting for years to lose weight, but what if we told you that the longer you fast, the longer you can live?

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1.4 Billion Risk Disease From Lack Of Exercise

WEB Notes: Do not be a couch potato. Get off your duff and go for a walk, a bike ride, do some gardening, do something. Sitting down is bad for your body, mind and soul.

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San Francisco: Plastic Bags and Straws Are Banned, But You Can Still Get Free Needles For Heroin

WEB Notes: This city has become an absolute joke. Once upon a time I used to go there and walk the warf with my wife. Even in those days it was not a nice place to be, but today? I could not even imagine traveling to a dumpville like that. Why on earth would anyone want to walk past poop in the streets and needles on the sidewalk? Once a great destination, this city has been destroyed due to liberal politics.

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California Set to Become First State Requiring Colleges to Offer Abortion Pills as ‘Basic Health Service’

WEB Notes: Welcome to 2018. Can you believe this? Of course you can. Filth, perversion and all things wrong are flipped right. Our Father’s Letter told us the last days would be like this…

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Lab-Grown Brain Bits Open Windows To The Mind — And A Maze Of Ethical Dilemmas

Xuyu Qian yanked open an incubator door at the University of Pennsylvania to reveal rows of cylindrical tubes swirling, like shaken-up snow globes, with a strange and exotic flurry. The pale, peppercorn-sized spheres were lab-grown globules of human brain tissue, or, as Qian occasionally refers to them, “minibrains.”

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First Ever Trials On The Effects Of Microdosing LSD Set To Begin

WEB Notes: If you need to take drugs or some other artificial stimulant to get through your work day and be “more creative,” then you need to find another job and straighten out your dang life…

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Liberals Consider ‘Right To Disconnect’ Outside Work Hours In Labour Rule Revamp, Says Report

WEB Notes: Can you believe this one? This is legalized modern day slavery…

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Corporate Food Brands Drive the Massive Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

WEB Notes: Look, I hate pollution just as much as the next guy. However, the tree huggers have a tendency to exaggerate the truth. This article shows three photos, one of a group of people, another showing soil erosion and the last a dead fish in a slimy pond…

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Stunning Anti-Ageing Breakthrough Could See Humans Live To 150 And Regenerate Organs By 2020 ‘For The Price Of A Coffee A Day’

WEB Notes: Mankind is always searching for a way to extend his life. I cannot blame people for doing that honestly, but as a people, we should not focus on extending the life of our flesh. There is a much better life that awaits us when we return to our Father. Enjoy our time on earth, live it to the fullest, but just know and understand, this life is very temporary.

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Couple Who Refused Abortion, Entrusted Son to ‘God’s Hands’ After Being Told Condition Was Terminal, Learns Doctors Misdiagnosed Baby

A couple in Iowa who was counseled by doctors to abort their unborn son after he was diagnosed with a terminal condition has learned that their child, who was born last month, was misdiagnosed and is expected to live after all.

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