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Donald Trump Suggests Someone Is Paying Illegal Immigrants in Caravan

WEB Notes: 4,000 people do not just suddenly come up with the idea all at one time and embark on a cross country journey, on foot. They had the idea planted and no doubt are reciving some help.

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Trump Threatens To Call US Military To Close Southern Border As 4,000-Illegal Immigrants Approach

WEB Notes: Psttt, hey Trump. They are not coming for the border, they are coming to cross the border and you will never guess why. They are coming for the benefits. Yeah, the free welfare and healthcare buddy. You have to remove the “cheese” of their desire, remove the freebies and they won’t come.

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Venezuela: Nearly 2M People Have Fled Country Since 2015

WEB Notes: The United States has sought to overtake Venezuela for more years than I can remember. Some of you may recall Chavez, their former leader accused the US of trying to assassinate him and of course, he meet his untimely death due to “cancer”…

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Caravans Of Illegal Immigrants Continue Pouring Over US-Mexico Border

WEB Notes: Ignorance! Our nation has hampered itself over a piece of paper, called “law”? They catch the illegal and then must process them in our nation, then release them in our own country. Only a fool would have such a law. Disgusting and disturbing. Those who do not seek to change this are in fact the enemy and no wall is going to change it. We could simply, with a stroke of a pen change our future, but instead we want to go further in debt to build a wall, an idea from the stone age. Foolish.

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Ivy League Study: Illegal Population is 22 Million, Double Estimate

WEB Notes: Of course it is. What did you expect? They leave the borders open and continue to fund illegals with free welfare and healthcare.

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California Pays Millions to Keep Illegal Alien Sex Offenders from Deportation

WEB Notes: This is really disgusting and a major slap in the face to hard working Californian’s who pay taxes and those immigrants who came to this nation the right now. Why on earth would anyone want to keep a sex offender around, much less an illegal one? These people need to be thrown out of office. They have perverted common sense and the Word of God. Do you know what our Father says to do with a sex offender, (Deuteronomy 22:25)?

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Border Agents In South Texas Saw Increase In Migrant Families Make Illegal Crossings In August

WEB Notes: Read this and weep. The illegals are coming here in droves and what do they do when they cross the border? Turn themselves into an agent who then helps them make their way into the nation. Our immigration policy is broken and Trump is worried about spending billions for a border wall? Insanity. People, why do you think the illegals are coming here? Use your head!…

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Deportations Up 9 Percent In 2018; Still Below Obama Peak Years

WEB Notes: All Trump’s talk during the elections and after about deporting illegals has been a bunch of hot air. Surprise, surprise. Even the socialist did a better job. What is this world coming to?

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Trump’s Welfare Ban for Immigrants Would Be $57.4B Tax Cut for Americans

WEB Notes: Maybe Trump has been reading World Events and the Bible in the morning with his coffee. All jokes aside, this must take place. Illegal immigrants need to be cut off of the welfare system. We have said this for years, we do not need a “wall,” we simply need to turn off “free” money to illegal immigrants. That seems like common sense.

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Judge Orders Full Restart Of DACA Program

A D.C.-based federal judge on Friday ordered the Trump administration to restart in full the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

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22% Of US Population Does Not Speak English At Home

Some 13.5 percent of the U.S. population — 44 million — is foreign born, the highest level ever, and many are not proficient in English, choosing to speak Spanish at home instead.

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Illegal Immigrant Family Detention Facilities Below Capacity

WEB Notes: Notice the last sentence below. Big words, little to no results.

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