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Fears Rise, Diapers Vanish: Iran Currency Crash Causes Chaos

Iran’s rial fell to a record low on Wednesday as worried residents of Tehran lined up outside beleaguered moneychangers, part of a staggering 140-percent drop in the currency’s value since America pulled out of the nuclear deal only four months ago.

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Israel Threatens Attack On Iranian Assets Installed In Iraq

WEB Notes: The walls are starting to close in on Iran… Due to US sanctions, Iran’s currency is at a record low verse the dollar. This is very problematic for the Iranian government. It will cause further economic destabilization in their nation and push the people there closer to revolt. Of course, this is by design to change the powers in Iran.

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Trump’s Iran Strategy: Regime Change on the Cheap

WEB Notes: If you are wondering what this is all about, then take the time to read “The Ram And The He Goat“, Chapter 2 in our Timeline of the Tribulation series.

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Iran Says It Signed Deal To Rebuild Syria’s Military

WEB Notes: Syria’s military is no doubt in bad shape after all these years of war. However, if Iran is “rebuilding” it what exactly could one hope for? A replica of a 1950s F5?

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Israel Mocks Iran’s ‘Indigenous’ Fighter Jet As Copy Of Obsolete F-5

WEB Notes: That is right. Iran’s air force consists of obsolete F-5 fighters from the US. Now they have their own version of it. The fighter jet is only 70 years out of date people and this is the nation who is causing trouble for the world? Seriously, you would have to be a fool to believe that line.

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Iran Unrest Could ‘Lead To Chaotic Civil War’

WEB Notes: This is just what the globalists are looking for. Conflict from “within”. Of course, this conflict did not start within Iran. It was started by global powers, namely the United States who continues to place economic sanctions on the nation. Eventually Iran will be distabilized in one fashion or another and it will lead to regime change. What is transpiring in Iran and Syria is no coincidence.

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Trump Issues Full Scale Trade War: If You Do Business With Iran, You Can’t Do Business With the United States

WEB Notes: A trade war is a war, period. Iran is being backed into a corner at this point. The Trump administration continues to paint Iran in the colors of the enemy though they have held fast to the nuclear agreement signed by them and world powers.

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Iran Guards Say It Held Gulf Drills As U.S. Tensions Rise

WEB Notes: Any blockage of the Stait of Hormuz will cause a lot of trouble. Keep an eye on this one, though as of right now it is doubtful that it will escalate.

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Violence On Streets Of Iran As Police Use Tear Gas On Protesters

WEB Notes: The US has engagred Iran many times over the years in economic warfare and they are doing it once again. This will cause more destabilization in Iran. This is all by design.

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Trump Says He Is Willing To Talk To Iran’s Leader Without Preconditions

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he would be willing to meet Iran’s leader without preconditions to discuss how to improve ties after he pulled the United States out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, saying, “If they want to meet, we’ll meet.”

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Iran’s Rial Hits Record-Low 100,000 To The Dollar

WEB Notes: There is no debating it. The United States for years now has waged an economic war against Iran. It is simply increasing at this point.

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U.S. Strategy Against Iran May Lead To Lose-Lose Scenario For Everyone

WEB Notes: It is doubtful the US will strike Iran without further provocation. Yesterday’s report was interesting to note however. The great book of Daniel dials this in for us. Daniel 8:7 explains the Ram which I believe is Persia, (Iran of today) will be cast ‘down to the ground, and the goat stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of the goats hand’. Now the goat came from the West we are told and we dive into this in in our Bible study, “The Ram And The He Goat”…

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