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E.U. Leaders Struggle To Save Iran Economic Ties From U.S. Sanctions

WEB Notes: This is one of many reasons why the children of Satan need a truly united order. So the globe as a whole is of one order.

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Israel Launches Massive Military Strike Against Iranian Targets In Syria

WEB Notes: If you recall, just last week it is believe that Israel launched another strike against Syria directed at supposed Iranian forces within Syria. This time, there is no doubt about it. We are going to look at this from both sides of the coin here…

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Is Regime Change In Iran Part Of Trump’s Agenda?

WEB Notes: Your “regime” gets changed if you are not inline with the globalists. That should be obvious to all by now. Giuliani’s comments are very telling and they are right inline with warmonger in chief John Bolton.

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Trump Ends Iran Deal: We Have ‘Definitive Proof’ They Lied

WEB Notes: Proof? What proof? There is no proof. The fact of the matter is the US is very eager to see Iran’s downfall. In another article Trump states…

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Trump Poised To Ignore Warnings And Scrap Iran Deal

President Trump is expected to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran today despite last-ditch attempts by Boris Johnson to persuade him of its merits.

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Missile Attack In Syria Kills 26, Including Iranians

A missile attack in Syria’s northern region has killed 26 pro-government fighters, mostly Iranians, a Syria war monitoring group said Monday.

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Iran’s Khamenei Urges Muslim Nations To Unite Against U.S.

Iran’s supreme leader called on Muslim nations to unite against the United States, saying Tehran would never yield to “bullying,” state television reported on Thursday.

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Israel Defense Minister Vows To Strike Any Iran ‘Military Foothold’ In Syria

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman vowed in an interview Thursday to strike at any attempt by Iran to establish a “military foothold” in Syria, following an attack this month attributed to his country.

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Donald Trump Suggests Possible Action Against Iran ‘Butchers’

WEB Notes: Iran is a butcher? Then what does that make the United States who continues its invasion of the middle east? Is it Iran who has caused death and destruction in Syria, Iraq and other middle eastern nations or the US? But hey, the US President said it, so I suppose that makes it a true statement.

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Iran, China Seek to Loosen Dollar’s Grip On Global Markets

WEB Notes: While globalism has pushed the world closer together, it is still divided by the nation-state itself. This is one reason why there can be no true one world order, until the nations completely come together, until the sixth kingdom comes to a full.

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Iran Tells Israel, ‘Our Fingers Are on the Trigger, Missiles Are Ready to Launch’ As Syria Tensions Mount

WEB Notes: I wonder exactly what the world expected to hear from Iran? Afterall, Israel just attacked Syria including a military base where Iranian troops perished in the assault. Israel is already taking precautions though it is highly unlikely that Iran will launch any assault against Israel. If they do, it will provide a green light to the US to counter any Iranian attack. This brings us to “The Ram And The He Goat,” Chapter 2 of The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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Iran President: If US Scraps Nuke Deal, They’ll See Impact ‘Within A Week’

WEB Notes: There is another news outlet that is claiming Iran has, dare I say it, sleeper cells in the US! Lions, Tigers and Bears ohh my! All from the same author who is always the only one with the so-called scoop on Iran. I have been hearing about Lions, and, I mean sleeper cells from this outlet for at least 15 years now. It is sort of like Netanyahu’s famous drawing of Iran’s bomb, ‘in just two weeks Iran will nuke Israel’. Still waiting for that to happen too. In other news, Israel continues to bomb Iranian ally Syria.

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