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Trump Just Gave Israel the Ability to Attack Iran’s Nuclear Sites with F-35s

WEB Notes: This is more like a gift since the U.S. government provides Israel with $4 billion in governmental welfare each year…

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ISIS Declares War On Israel And The Jews

WEB Notes: Boy, look at that headline. If that is not a fear mongering one I do not know what is…

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Why Trump’s Apartheid Peace Plan Is So Dangerous – And Not Only For Palestine

WEB Notes: This comes from an Israeli newspaper. We said the same yesterday, of course, the plan was not going to benefit the Palestinians. They were not a part of the discussion…

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Trump Preparing To Reveal ‘Deal Of The Century’ Middle East Peace Plan

WEB Notes: If the Palestinians are not present, it is not much of a peace plan proposal. The details will not be a surprise to Israel’s leaders…

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Hebrew Inscription On 3,000 Year Old Jar Could Redraw Borders Of Ancient Israel

WEB Notes: There is so much evidence that points to Hebrew roots in Israel. Anyone who thinks the Bible is untrue really has not looked hard enough at history…

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Israeli Strikes Iranian Base In Syria Killing 3

WEB Notes: More of the same, Israel attacking Syria and Iranian assets and no one blinks. I remember years back it was taboo for that to transpire, but those days are long gone. I want you…

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Super-Rare Storm Smashed Into Israel This Weekend Killing 2

WEB Notes: They are calling this a once in 50 year flood for Israel. 20% of the city’s annual rain fell in just three hours…

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Has Jewish Prayer Returned To The Temple Mount?

WEB Notes: According to this report, Jews were able to pray at the Temple Mount despite decades of policy stating otherwise…

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Bolivia Restores Relations With Israel

WEB Notes: Just a few weeks ago Bolivia suffered a coup, I mean their leader resigned. Now they are going to pal up with Israel and…

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Iran Planning Attacks On Israel: Netanyahu

WEB Notes: Anytime Bibi ends up in hot water he plays the Iran attack card. We know Bibi is now being indicted on bribery, fraud and other charges

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