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Missiles Fired on Syrian Army Infrastructure in Latakia

Israel ‘Strikes Weapons Depot Meant For Iran Or Hezbollah Near Damascus Airport’

WEB Notes: Yet another violation by Israel of Syria’s sovereignty. This is nothing new and has gone unnoticed or with little mentioned for years now. It truely is interesting to see how long Basher Assad has been able to cling to power in Syria. This is why we cannot rush the Word of God and prophecy, (Isaiah 17:1). It will all happen on His Time, we are simply to watch and continue in study.

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Israel Threatens Attack On Iranian Assets Installed In Iraq

WEB Notes: The walls are starting to close in on Iran… Due to US sanctions, Iran’s currency is at a record low verse the dollar. This is very problematic for the Iranian government. It will cause further economic destabilization in their nation and push the people there closer to revolt. Of course, this is by design to change the powers in Iran.

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UN Chief Suggests Deploying UN-Mandated Armed Forces To Protect Palestinians

WEB Notes: Protect them from who? The Israeli’s of course. You have read the news, you have heard about the constant back and forth conflicts in Israel and Gaza. You really want to take it upon yourself to read our Bible study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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Israel Destroys Gaza Cultural Centre, 18 Injured

At least 18 people were wounded yesterday after Israeli occupation forces targeted a cultural centre in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Israel Seeks Truce With Hamas To Get Ready For Iran

Director of the International Consultations Centre in Haifa, Wadi Abu-Nassar said yesterday that Israel is seeking a truce with Hamas in order to get ready for confrontation with Iran, Quds Net News reported.

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Senate Passes Bill To Enshrine $38-Billion Military Aid Package To Israel Into Law

WEB Notes: Several years ago Obama made this possible. Our current government is simply making it so no future President can remove this welfare program to the Israeli government. Did you have a say it in? Nope. This does include $500 million for missile defense for Israel as well. Amazing how a people, nation and world can be coned into believing a Godless nation is “chosen by God”. Never believe something until you verify it for yourself. Can you document in the Bible where this claim is made? No, God told Abraham his children were to be many nations and people. Israel does not fit that bill.

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Israel ‘Employs Unlawful Tactics’ To Control Gaza’s Land, Sea

The extent of Israel’s control over swathes of occupied Gaza Strip, and systematic violence towards Palestinian civilians in unilaterally declared “no go” zones, has been detailed in a new report.

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IDF Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet That Entered Israeli Airspace

WEB Notes: They shot it down inside Israel, but the jet managed to crash inside Syria. It is a possibility, but I doubt that is how it really went down.

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Israel Launches U.S.-Backed Missile Shield On Syria Frontier, Russia Sends Envoys

Israel launched its newest air defense system on Monday on the Syrian frontier, where Damascus’s Russian-backed forces have been routing rebels, as Moscow sent envoys for what it called “urgent” talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Hamas Accepts Cease-Fire After Massive Israeli Gaza Strikes

Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers said Saturday they had accepted a cease-fire ending a massive Israeli onslaught on militant positions after a soldier was shot dead, once again pulling the sides back from the brink of a full-fledged war.

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Israel Passes Jewish-Only ‘National Self-Determination’ Law Despite Outcry

WEB Notes: Now imagine the government passed something like this for Caucasians or a religious group like Christians. Why the world and the citizens of the US would be outraged. But in Israel, it is a-okay because the Christian masses have been brainwashed into believing a people who do not care about Christ are “God’s Chosen”. Chosen for what? Remember, God chose Abraham, his twelve sons to receive great blessings, not a single nation. God’s Promise was that Abraham’s Twelve sons would become many nations.

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