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Rise Of The Machines: Automation Reshapes Job Market

WEB Notes: Readers of our site understand this is and will continue to take place as the days wear on. In other news, “AI Humanoid ‘Sophia’ Is Granted First Ever Robot Visa, Speaks With President“.

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Ford To Lay Off Workers Amid $11 Billion Reorganization

WEB Notes: I should not have to tell you an $11 billion reorganization is a major event. Ford is doing this due to the Trump tarrifs, the tarrifs many Trumpbots thought was a good idea. We have talked about this over and over and now the chickens are coming home to roost. We previously posted about Ford loosing $1 billion in profits due to the tarrifs. This is affecting a lot of other companies as well…

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U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls To Lowest Since 1969

WEB Notes: Talk about manipulated numbers. They made these same claims during the Obama years. Yet, even today, 95 million working age Americans are out of the labor force. If memory serves me correctly, there are roughly 220 million working age Americans so you do the math.

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Machines Will Do More Tasks Than Humans By 2025

WEB Notes: It is an ever changing world and this is where we are going like it or not. If you are in the technology field, keep those skills sharp.

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For Most U.S. Workers, Real Wages Have Barely Budged In Decades

WEB Notes: Something here is missing… Oh yes, how could I forget? “Great Again”! There we go. So wages have barely moved in decades, that would include a lot of Presidential terms, including Republicans and Democrats. My, my, my, what will the people say now? They say we have the same purchasing power today that we had decades ago…

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Work Less, Accomplish More: New Zealand Firm’s 4-Day Work Week an ‘Unmitigated Success’

WEB Notes: Since when do companies go out of their way for their employees? People are quite literally worked to the bone with very little free time for themselves. This sounds like a great compromise which benefits both the employee and employer. We all need a “work life balance”. What have you really gained in the end if you have a bank full of money, but never were able to spend time with your loved ones or give our Father the time He deserves?

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Christian Doctor Loses Job For Saying ‘We Are Made Male Or Female’

WEB Notes: More “perceived truth”. This Christian doctor knows what he is talking about here. To say someone should be called by the gender they “identify” with is distorting reality. You are born male or female, you cannot change that as you go through life. That is trying to manipulate truth. Truth is truth, it cannot be made into a lie.

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The U.S. Labor Shortage Is Reaching A Critical Point

WEB Notes: A labor shortage? We have 95 million working age men and woman out of the labor force. How on earth could we have a labor shortage? Someone is cooking the books big time and maybe this headline will make some think, hey maybe we could use all those illegal immigrants.

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America’s Trucker Shortage Could Undermine Economy

WEB Notes: Considering all the chatter about automation, is it any wonder people are not rushing out to become truckers? I think truckers will be around for many years to come. Dialing in the automation for big rigs is going to be a tough task, one not to be a reality anytime soon.

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Harley-Davidson Will Move Some Production Out Of US After Retaliatory Tariffs

WEB Notes: Another article points out how a steel mill was re-opened in the US, so we are going to get a little back and forth here. However, instead of playing tariff games our government could just reduce their spending, cut the corporate tax rate (US has third highest rate in the world) and watch loads of corporations come back to the USA bringing their wealth and jobs with them. Only in a perfect world.

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Elon Musk: Free Cash Handouts ‘Will Be Necessary’ If Robots Take Humans’ Jobs

WEB Notes: Why does the mainstream media always repeat the news and act like it is the first time it is being reported? Elon has said this more times than I can count, so the idea here is to condition the public to the thought of free cash handouts. They keep telling you how low unemployment is, but we know there are at least 95 million working-age men and woman in this nation not working…

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The Average American Works More Than A Medieval Peasant

WEB Notes: It is no secret today’s society is all work and little play, at least for those who actually work. If you continue reading the article at the source they state in 2015 the average American worker put in 1,811 hours annually. That peasant from the 13th century only put in 1,620 hours. Think about that. Then all of you who work a straight 40, that amounts to 2,080 hours annually. I would love to see another article comparing taxes.

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