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Liberals Consider ‘Right To Disconnect’ Outside Work Hours In Labour Rule Revamp, Says Report

WEB Notes: Can you believe this one? This is legalized modern day slavery…

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U.S., Mexico Said Poised to Reach NAFTA Deal Soon as Monday

WEB Notes: I am sure the American taxpayer will benefit from this (insert sarcasm).

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Trump Administration Nearing Deal With Mexico On Revised NAFTA — But Issues With Canada Remain

WEB Notes: You notice the headline right? It did not say Trump kills NAFTA like past headlines. They simply changed the deal. Free trade they call it, I wonder how free it really is. I go to the store in the West and my tomatoes come from Mexico. I go to the store in the South and my tomatoes come from Canada. Now I know Americans farm tomatoes and lots of them, I have seen the enormous fields myself, so why can I not buy a tomato from my own nation? I am sure Trump has the answer.

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Ontario Canada Stops Free Basic Income Project

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me giving away other peoples money did not work out? One of the party leaders called the end of the program a disgrace. If they really feel that way, they should give away their own money to those families. There is nothing stopping them from doing that. The thing about Liberalism is they do not mind giving away other peoples money, they just do not want to give away theirs. Maybe one day they will figure it out… Maybe not.

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How Much Longer Can Canada Last Like This?

WEB Notes: When we stay silent we become a part of the issue. We all know the famous quote, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” When we sit on our hands and watch the world go up in smoke do you realize you are violating our Father’s Law?…

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Canada Makes Retaliatory Tariffs Official: ‘We Will Not Back Down’

WEB Notes: Now if the world were truely combined into one government union we would not have problems like this they will tell us one day. The fact that we are having trade wars shows how unstable things are becoming in our world, by design of course. Trade wars can lead to world wars. There will not be another world war as you might think of it, but there will be restructuring.

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Canada’s Legislature Votes To Legalize Marijuana; Sales Will Begin In Weeks

WEB Notes: Do you see how many things in life they will lift up above God? Do you see how many things in life replace God? Who needs to worry about a spiritual connection when you can go smoke a joint? Too bad that high has limited effects my friends. When you are on a spiritual high it is lasting and when you consider the rewards you reap by standing for God in this dark world, it makes it that much sweeter.

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Christians Are Meant To Go Against Society’s Tide, Says Under-Fire Church

WEB Notes: This church must be stepping outside of the shadow of the head Presbyterian church as they are surrounded by sinful acts. Mr. Carson is spot on here. Christians are not meant to go along with society if it interferes with God’s Word…

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Canada’s Supreme Court Says College’s Christian Covenant On Sexual Morality Hurts Homosexuals

WEB Notes: No, what is “a bit unnerving” Andre is the fact that you do not mind Christians being harmed. It is our religious right to believe in the God of the Bible and what His Word teaches. If you or your buddies do not like that or believe in it, that is fine. You can believe your way and we can believe ours. But you do not need to remove our rights and say they hurt others. Now that you got your way, Christians are being hurt, but that is okay?

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Canadians Boycott US Products, Cancel Vacations To America

WEB Notes: This would be called a trade war.

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Trump Pulls U.S. Out Of G-7 Statement, Accuses Trudeau Of Being ‘Dishonest’

WEB Notes: Trudeau does not seem to have a firm backbone or a sense of how a man should act. If you are big enough to open your mouth and say something about someone, you should always be prepared to say it to their face…

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Bank of Canada: 8% of Canadian Households Owe More Than 20% of the $2.1 Trillion in Debt

Canadian real estate debt hit a new high, and the news gets worse as they explain it further. The Bank of Canada (BoC) updated household debt numbers for March. In a speech this week, BoC’s Governor Stephen Poloz also gave further insights on the numbers. The record debt levels are concentrated in a smaller segment of Canadians.

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