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Trump: Warns Russia ‘Missiles Will Be Coming To Syria’

WEB Notes: Trump is threating to launch a military strike against Syria over “a suspected poison gas attack“. Does this sound like a man who manages his marbles well? Not quite. We are not talking about blowing up a building here. We are talking about people dying and lots of them if they lanch a strike and over what? “Suspicion”. To make matters worse…

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What Is Transhumanism And How Does It Affect You?

WEB Notes: Let me translate this even further for you. “Transhumanism” is the thought of making one live forever through technology. In the past we have posted articles that mention this as well. The question then becomes, why seek after enhanced or eternal life in the flesh, when our Father promised us eternal life in a spiritual body that never gets sick, old or dies?…

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51% of Churchgoers Don’t Know of the Great Commission

WEB Notes: Then what exactly are they being taught in church? If you do not know what it is you are to be doing as a Christian, then what good are you to Christ?…

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U.S. To Move Israel’s Embassy To Jerusalem On May 14

WEB Notes: We were initially told the U.S. Embassy move would take several years to plan and initiate. Then last month, Vice President Mike Pence told us, ‘the Embassy move was now on a faster timetable’. Now we come to find out, the move in part, will take place on May 14th of this year to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Israel being founded as a nation…

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US: 39.8% Of Babies Are Born to Unmarried Mothers Over Last 30 Years

WEB Notes: 39.8% of children were born to unmarried mothers. This is not to say they were single mothers, but how many of them were? I will never understand why two people (a male and female to be specific) will have a child and not tie the knot. Some people are afraid of commitment. Look, when you decided to have a child or dare I say it by “accident”, you made and have a commitment no matter what. When you joined together you became one as the scriptures explain (Mark 10:7-8)

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CDC: Most Children Dying From Flu Not Vaccinated

WEB Notes: This is a very deceptive headline. Just the other day they told us 63 people died from the flu. I quote from that article, “As such, reports of otherwise healthy or young people dying from the infection are flying around. The stories have been shocking, especially because many of these people were outside the high-risk groups for flu-related death that include pregnant women, small children and the elderly.”

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DOW Drops 1,033 Points, Market Enters Correction As Rate-Hike Fears Return

WEB Notes: So the markets have officially entered “correction” mode. That means the market has slipped 10% which fits their definition. We are not talking about a slow 10% here, but nearly instant within the last week…

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Why The Stock Market Plunged 1,175 Points On Monday

WEB Notes: Before I provide our opinion, I want you to hear from the experts.

The market got phony again. It’s a shame. It can’t handle the volume and it can’t handle this level of selling. It’s OK. It happens periodically and it freaks people out at home. We can spin any tale we want, but what I am saying is that the market doesn’t work at certain points.” said Jim Cramer of Mad Money (CNBC).

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Former Teacher Has Certificates Suspended for Speaking Against Sin of Homosexuality on Facebook

WEB Notes: Should your personal comments outside of your work environment count against you? Of course not. However, they do today. This is a continuing trend and interesting timing considering a discussion I just had with a friend. Christ told us…

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