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Humans Just 0.01% Of All Life But Have Destroyed 83% Of Wild Mammals 

WEB Notes:And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth,” (Genesis 1:26)

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Chemicals Found In Food Packaging Linked To Weight Gain

WEB Notes: Chemicals are in just about everything these days, but do not fear, “they are safe” they tell us. “They” being the professionals. They told you BPA was okay and we know that is harmful and other reports now say BPA free products are harmful as well.

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Black Death ‘Global Outbreak’ Warning For Nine New Countries

The latest outbreak, which took root in Madagascar, has now killed 124 people and infected around 1,300, but scientists say this figure will definitely rise.

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Thousands of Sharks, Other Sea Life Mysteriously Die in San Francisco Bay

As many as 2,000 leopard sharks have mysteriously died in the San Francisco Bay over the past few months. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says determining the cause is not a priority for the state since the sharks are not threatened or endangered, however, scientists say additional research and resources are crucial since the threat is now believed to be preying on other marine life.

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After 15 Die In Hepatitis Outbreak, San Diego Begins Sanitary Street Washing

WEB Notes: I wonder if big cities are too big. Washing down the city streets because of disease sounds like a bit much too me.

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Humpback whales dying at alarming rate off East Coast

Humpback whales are dying at an alarming rate off America’s East Coast with more than 40 washing ashore in little over a year, and U.S. scientists are investigating why it is happening.

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Millions of South Sudanese Face Famine in ‘Lean Season’

It’s been just over two months since the South Sudanese government declared famine conditions in parts of the country, according to Relief Web. Now we’re getting close to what’s called the “lean season” in South Sudan from May to July.

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Marine die-offs accelerate across the globe – and no one seems to know why

35 tons of dead fish washed up in a lake in China. A researcher with the Haikou Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, Lu Yongliang, said the fish came from the larger Nandu River, and were swept into the Hongcheng Lake with the tide, where they died from the sudden drop in salinity.

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Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile’s beaches

Heaps of dead whales, salmon and sardines blamed on the El Nino freak weather phenomenon have clogged Chile’s Pacific beaches in recent months.

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Yellow fever outbreak in Angola is ‘threat to entire world’

WEB Notes: Each year it is something new. It was the pig flu, the bird flu, then aids should have killed the world in months last year but we are alive and kicking. Then it was Zika and now the dreaded “yellow fever”. All of this is a push for more vaccines.

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World overlooks Ethiopia drought crisis that is leaving millions hungry

Sitting in the blistering sun as she cradles her 2-month-old baby, Genet Tamisat is one of hundreds of mothers waiting to have their children checked for malnutrition, as Ethiopia faces its worst drought in decades.

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Mutations, DNA damage seen in Fukushima forests: Greenpeace

WEB Notes: Imagine what it is doing to the oceans then…

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