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A Restaurant Is Charging White Customers More To Highlight Racial Wealth Inequality

WEB Notes: I have an experiment for him. How about no one goes to his restaurant and let’s see how long he stays in business.

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Racist South African Political Leader Julius Malema: “Go After the White Man… We Are Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”

WEB Notes: It is no secret that Africa is not the greatest continent to live on. Yet, South Africa always appears at the top or near the top with respect to economics and really is a bright spot to an otherwise lackluster region of the world. So what do they want to do? Strip the land from people due to the color of their skin. It sure is comforting to know our Father does not judge a man by the color of his skin, but rather His works and heart.

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California NAACP Denounces ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ as ‘Racist,’ ‘Anti-Black People’

WEB Notes: I am so sick and tired of hearing about racism. Racism, racism, racism. These people do not even know what racism is. It is 2017 people, we had a black President for Heavens sake. Find something else to complain about, apparently that is all you like to do.

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Tennessee Towns Bracing For Upcoming White Nationalist Rallies

WEB Notes: It has gone so far in one direction, now the other side feels the need to put together their own rallies. “All Lives Matter” people, all of them. The children of Satan rejoice over this stuff. Their efforts to divide the people work flawlessly.

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MSNBC Panelist: ‘Far-Right’ Christians Want To Put Women ‘Back Into The Kitchen’

WEB Notes: Who is this lady? Between her and her buddy on TV no wonder the American people are dumbed down… (Story time)…

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Michelle Obama: ‘People Don’t Trust Politics’ Because GOP Is ‘All Men, All White’

WEB Notes: Because politics equals just one party right? Wait a second here, let me think. Now if I recall correctly… Michelle Obama is married to Barrack Obama who was just President. Pretty racist party and country we have huh? This woman should really go crawl back under the rock she came out of. She still wants to divide the people, discussing race over and over again. Let it go already lady, your 15 minutes have expired.

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MSNBC Panelist On Puerto Rico: Trump Believes ‘Only White People Are True Americans’

WEB Notes: This is absolutely laughable. This fool should be booted off the set and banned from television. This man is a racist, a stone cold racist. Too bad his mother was not around, maybe she could have grabbed him by the ear and drug him off set herself. I would be ashamed to have a fool like this in my family. Stop calling people racist because you do not like their political persuasion. If Trump is racist that is his deal, but no one has proof of that. Instead this clown on TV is stirring up the race debate like the fools of the NFL. Call them for what they are. God’s Word uses fools and fools they are.

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‘In The Space Of About 20 Minutes, We’ve Gone From ‘The Confederate Flag Is Racist’ To ‘The Star-Spangled Banner Is Racist”

WEB Notes: I do not need a comment on this one, just listen to the video he does a good job of summing it up.

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NFL Teams Respond To Trump With Non-Participation, Kneeling In Protest

WEB Notes: Like the article we posted yesterday, Trump is fueling division of all types. People are getting all worked up over kneeling football players? But the people do not get worked up over their sons and daughters dying in the middle east for no reason other than to expand the children of Satan’s globalist kingdom?…

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Trump Says NFL Players Who Protest U.S. Anthem Should Be Fired

WEB Notes: If I was an NFL team owner, I would fire these guys as well. There is a photo below of an empty 49ers field at kick off time and other reports about lower stadium attendance and low tv ratings for NFL games. Good for the people…

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Los Angeles High School Under Fire For Project Reenacting Slavery, Promoting White Guilt

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? How many schools have done something like this in the last month now? This makes me believe this has been going on for quite a while, we simply have not heard about it. I tell you what, I would never allow my children to attend some school like this and I hope you feel the same. No one should feel shame for the color of their skin. Our Heavenly Father created all of the races and you know what He said? “It was very good,” (Genesis 1:31).

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Students Offered Extra Credit To Determine Their Level Of ‘White Privilege’

Students in a sociology class at San Diego State University can earn extra credit if they take a quiz to determine their level of “white privilege.”

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