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California Passes Law Allowing 12-Year-Olds To Get Tax-Paid Transgender Treatments

WEB Notes: Why am I not surprised? As horrible as this is you think I would have spilled my coffee this morning, but nope, not today, because it is California…

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Chemicals In Food May Harm Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says

WEB Notes: Over and over we hear these type of concerns, but how many heed the warnings? We wonder why we have illness of all sorts in this nation. We wonder why our pants sizes are so big. Folks, learn to eat proper, fast food in large part is garbage food. Processed foods to a large degree are garbage food. Our Heavenly Father never intended for us to eat chemicals, He had ol Adam tilling the dirt to grow food, not playing in a petri dish.

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The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything

There may be 147 companies in the world that own everything, as colleague Bruce Upbin points out and they are dominated by investment companies as Eric Savitz rightly points out. But it’s not you and I who really control those companies, even though much of our money is in them. Given the nature of how money is invested, there are four companies in the shadows that really control those companies that own everything.

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Pentagon: Afghan War Costing US $45 Billion Per Year

WEB Notes: $45 billion a year for 17 years. This is the forgotten war and who even knows what it is about? If you ask me it would seem it is about opium. I see no other logical reason for our men and woman to be in Afghanistan especially at a cost of $45 billion a year.

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The Day I Found Out It Was All Rigged

WEB Notes: This is a really good read and helps the reader understand the manipulation of the markets from ones personal experience. I encourage you to read the complete article from the source.

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How Interlinked Corporations Rule the World

Globalism is just like the mafia, but with lot more complexity and respectability. If you have watched mob films such as The Godfather, you can understand how the world works. For example, in Godfather II, a bunch of mobsters get together in Havana, Cuba, to celebrate Hyman Roth’s birthday. As the birthday cake is symbolically cut into pieces and distributed, Roth tells the group how Cuba will be split up amongst the guests. Extrapolate this scene to the world, you can visualize how the world works.

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Happy Birthday CIA: 7 Truly Terrible Things The Agency Has Done In 70 Years

WEB Notes: 1947-1948 was an important point in time. During that span of time we have the re-founding of Israel as a nation, the founding of the United Nations and the birth of the CIA.

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Nationwide Tap Water Report: Database Details Pollutants in Virtually All U.S. Public Water Systems

WEB Notes: This is a great resource to verify the drinking water in your community. I even see very small rural communities included in this database. We will place this post in the Resources section of our site for future reference.

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Pentagon Secretly Tested Chemical Weapons On US Troops

WEB Notes: This is certainly not the first time this has been reported. There are numerous reports of this and admissions by the government as well. Most people probably will not care, which I find sad. Yet those same people are being rallied to oust Assad in Syria every time the US claims he is using chemical weapons on his own people. Of course none of the US claims have ever been proven true. But this article is true and how many will take note? How many will demand answers from their elected officials?

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Study Confirms Bayer And Syngenta Pesticides Harm Bee Colonies

WEB Notes: Bayer owns Monsanto in case anyone has forgotten. There have been numerous reports on this over the years. Here is another study. Interestingly enough this study was funded by both of these companies. You rarely if ever see a negative study review when a company pays for it. Interesting news here.

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“Church Tax Exemption”: Facts About 501c3 You Did Not Know

White Country Church

“Church Tax Exemption”: Facts About 501c3 You Did Not Know

Source: Hush Money – Most churches in America have organized as “501c3 tax-exempt religious organizations.” This is a fairly recent trend that has only been going on for about fifty years. Churches were only added to section 501c3 of the tax code in 1954. We can thank Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson for that. Johnson was no ally of the church. As part of his political agenda, Johnson had it in mind to silence the church and eliminate the significant influence the church had always had on shaping “public policy.”

Although Johnson proffered this as a “favor” to churches, the favor also came with strings attached (more like shackles). One need not look far to see the devastating effects 501c3 acceptance has had to the church, and the consequent restrictions placed upon any 501c3 church. 501c3 churches are prohibited from addressing, in any tangible way, the vital issues of the day.

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FOIA Docs Show CIA/Pentagon Made 1,800 Movies, TV Shows To Make America Love War

WEB Notes: No one should be surprised by this. We see propaganda every time we turn on the television or go online. Our minds are constantly being influenced by those who control the world.

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