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Vladimir Putin Raises Russia Retirement Age; Approval Rating Falls

WEB Notes: The nations jump at every opportunity to take your money and then when it is supposed to come back to you, they make it harder and harder for that to take place. Why here in the US should I see retirement age, which is 67 for social security I am told from the Social Security Offices own website that they will be out of money by 2034 unless something changes. So tough luck for my generation even though we have all paid into it. That is alright, Ukraine and the NATO nations need our help to fight “terrorism” so to heck with our retirement.

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Donald Trump Says He Holds Vladimir Putin Responsible For Election Hacking In CBS News Interview

WEB Notes: Trump.

  • ‘My intelligence officials said Putin did it, but Putin said he did not. So I believe him’
  • ‘Putin is responsible’…

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The Great Dollar Dump: Russia Liquidates US Treasury Holdings

WEB Notes: So Russia is not so convinced all those dollars have the “full faith and credit” of the US government. Afterall, the US is bankrupt, that is just a fact of life at this point, unfortunately.

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12 Russians Indicted For Meddling In 2016 US Election

WEB Notes: Surely no one is surprised that the US election system can be rigged or “tampered” with…

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China, Russia, And The US Are All Building Centers for Military AI

WEB Notes: They are and have been discussing AI with drones for a number of years now. I find this truly disturbing. When we allow machines to make life or death decisions we have lost off semblance of humanity.

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Russia Pursues Jehovah’s Witnesses As ‘Extremists’

WEB Notes: They really recycle the news these days. We discussed this just over a year ago right here on our site in an article titled, “Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned As ‘Extremist’ In Russia, Property To Be Seized – Court Decision“. It was not good then and it still is not a good decision. When you see the doors close in around our faith, that is a very bad sign.

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Putin: Over 20 Aircraft, 1,000 Personnel Withdrawn From Syria Over Past Days

WEB Notes: In words this is a growing trend, we will have to continue to watch to see if it continues. The US is not removing forces however and if this trend continues it makes me think a larger operation against Assad may be on the horizon.

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Trump Will Demand Of Putin A Total Iranian Exit From Syria

WEB Notes: More nonsense. Iran does not need to be next door to Israel to attack it. We were told years ago Iran has missiles capable of striking Israel from Iran. They are probably capable of dropping only party gifts, but hey…

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Italian PM Breaks With EU, Backs Trump’s Call For Russia To Return To G8

Italy’s new prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, broke sharply with the EU on Friday at his first international summit, and joined U.S. President Donald Trump’s call for Russia to be reinstated to the exclusive club of industrialized nations.

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Russia: Not Sure If Syria Will Remain One Country

WEB Notes: Surprise, surprise. Russia is already talking about dividing up the nation. That remains to be seen, but the idea is that Assad must go.

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Russia’s Putin Predicts Global ‘Chaos’ If West Hits Syria Again

WEB Notes: The current global structure cannot function to its full potential in its current state, and this is yet another prime example of that. The nations must become combined in a more manageable way. Russia and the United States are far from enemies but are far from being on the same page as well. We have seen them work together for years in Syria, so everyone just hang tight and relax, the show will go on. I would encourage you to read the first two chapters of The Timeline of the Tribulation to have a better understanding of what is and what will transpire.

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Russia Warns Of ‘Consequences’ For US-Led Strike On Syria

WEB Notes: The whole world is a stage. Russia is not going to do anything to the United States.

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