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Things Are So Dire in Brazil That Millions Are Refusing to Vote

WEB Notes: Imagine if we did that here. Imagine if we all refused to vote in the shame we call elections… Imagine if we, as a nation turned back to God. You think everything is okay in this nation because the stock market says so? You must be five cans short of a six-pack. Stick around and read some of the headlines here. This nation is bankrupt financially (in debt) and morally.

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U.S. Compares Nicaragua To Syria, Warns Of Potential Regional Crisis

WEB Notes: We are once again starting to see a lot of unsettling news headlines. You may recall headlines like this ten years ago during the last global economic collapse. Is it time for the next phase? Only time will tell.

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Argentina’s Central Bank Hikes Rates To 60% As The Currency Collapses

WEB Notes: Argentina is trying to obtain an early release on a $50 billion loan from the IMF. Going into debt is never a good idea, Argentina’s economic woes continue and will continue considering the course they are on.

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S&P 500, Nasdaq Jump To Record Highs As US And Mexico Strike Trade Deal

Stocks jumped on Monday as the United States and Mexico closed a new trade deal, potentially removing a source of uncertainty that had been plaguing investors for months.

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Confusion Reigns As Venezuela Braces For Release Of New Banknotes

WEB Notes: What happens to the old currency? The people in Venezuela still suffer and this move will likely fix nothing. It is just re-labeling the currency essentially. There were some other moves as well which you can read about from the source. You will also learn Venezuela’s oil production accounts for 96% of their revenue.

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Lack Of Food Pushes 2.3 Million To Flee Venezuela

WEB Notes: Unfortunately this situation continues to worsen. Please say a prayer for our brothers and sisters in that nation.

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Maduro Says He Escaped ‘Assassination’ Attempt Claimed By Rebel Group

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was “more determined than ever” after he escaped an “assassination” attempt using an explosive-laden drone as he gave a speech during a Caracas military parade.

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San Juan: The Venezuelan City Where Nothing Works Anymore

WEB Notes: Be thankful for what you have in life, you never know when it can be taken away.

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Venezuela’s Inflation to Reach 1 Million Percent, IMF Forecasts

Venezuela’s inflation will skyrocket to 1 million percent by the end of the year as the government continues to print money to cover a growing budget hole, the International Monetary Fund predicted on Monday.

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A Month’s Pay In Venezuela Now Only Buys Just A Few Cups Of Coffee

Five million Venezuelan bolivars is the equivalent of $1.45. It’s also roughly a minimum-wage worker’s entire monthly salary in the South American country.

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Trump Has Repeatedly Pushed For US To Invade Venezuela

WEB Notes: You really want to understand who it is you support, you want to know and understand their family background as well. It should be of no surprise to you that Ol Trump supports the same things the globalists support. It is no secret there has been an agenda to remove Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Venezuela from power for many, many years…

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‘Forced’ Sterilization Of Brazilian Woman Sparks Uproar

WEB Notes: When you lose the ability to control your own body, you have lost any freedom you thought you had. Oh that does not happen here in the US. Really? Have you never heard about forced vaccination in the work place? In some work environments, you either “comply” or lose your job.

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