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A Month’s Pay In Venezuela Now Only Buys Just A Few Cups Of Coffee

Five million Venezuelan bolivars is the equivalent of $1.45. It’s also roughly a minimum-wage worker’s entire monthly salary in the South American country.

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Trump Has Repeatedly Pushed For US To Invade Venezuela

WEB Notes: You really want to understand who it is you support, you want to know and understand their family background as well. It should be of no surprise to you that Ol Trump supports the same things the globalists support. It is no secret there has been an agenda to remove Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Venezuela from power for many, many years…

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‘Forced’ Sterilization Of Brazilian Woman Sparks Uproar

WEB Notes: When you lose the ability to control your own body, you have lost any freedom you thought you had. Oh that does not happen here in the US. Really? Have you never heard about forced vaccination in the work place? In some work environments, you either “comply” or lose your job.

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South American Economies Dive South As Growth Outlook Dims

Pro-business leaders in South America’s largest economies are struggling to spark growth as their policies run head-on into domestic crises and emerging market turbulence.

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Nicaragua’s Political Crisis Descends Into ‘Dark Days’

WEB Notes: As our nation continues toward God it can be disheartening at times. But remember, this nation still has a lot of good in it and relative peace within itself if you seek it.

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Guatemala’s Volcano Of Fire Erupts, Kills 70; At Least 46 Injured

At least 70 were killed during a fiery volcanic eruption in south-central Guatemala as pyroclastic flows rushed into rural communities Sunday. Rescuers have struggled to reach people where homes and roads have been singed and coated in volcanic ash.

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Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Eruption Kills 25, Injures Hundreds

An estimated 25 people, including at least three children, were killed and nearly 300 injured on Sunday in the most violent eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano in more than four decades, officials said.

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Argentina Raises Interest Rates To 40%

WEB Notes: Raising rates is one thing, raising them to this level is quite another. Further, there has been a 10% jump in the last week alone. Lump this in with a 15% inflation rate this year and Argentina is not headed for trouble, they are already there.

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Third Mexican Town Welcomes Migrant ‘Caravan,’ 400 Miles Closer To US

WEB Notes: This entire story makes absolutely zero sense. It is the responsibility of the Guatemalan government to care for their poor, just as our nation tries to take care of our poor. Let’s try and bring this story a bit closer to home so we can understand what is going on here…

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Trump: Mexico Must Stop Immigrant ‘Caravans’

WEB Notes: The US can assist with the shutdown by shutting off aid to illegal immigrants.

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U.S. Bans Use Of Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency As A ‘Scam Supporting Dictatorship’

WEB Notes: It is always the other nations who are the dictators, despite the fact that US Presidents have been signing illegal executive orders for years…

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Trump Spares NAFTA Partners From Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum

President Trump ordered tariffs Thursday on foreign steel and aluminum, brushing aside objections in his own party but sparing Canada and Mexico temporarily while the U.S. pushes its neighbors for a more favorable free trade deal.

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