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Amazon’s Cashier-Free Go Store Opens In Chicago

WEB Notes: I am not going to comment about technology taking our jobs. I am going to comment about this type of technology being used in the future… Specifically, during the Tribulation of Satan. No store clerks and no cash in the transaction…

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China Moves to Ban Internet Church Activities

WEB Notes: China is banning everything “church” unless it is “approved” ahead of time by the communist nation. That is not freedom of religion. As bad as things may be in the US, we are doing far better than our Chinese counterparts. Make sure to keep them in your prayers. It is a lot harder for them to be Christians than you and I.

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It’s Official, Google Is a Democratic Party Front

WEB Notes: I could only get through a few minutes of this. I would have thought this was a comedy skit, if I did not recognize the CEO of Google. He compares the election outcome (Trump winning) here to what he witnessed in India. You would swear the end of the world was about to occur…

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Google Criticized For Skipping Hearing On Foreign Meddling

WEB Notes: I wonder how well it would go over if you skipped a Senate hearing?

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44 Percent of Americans 18-27 Have Deleted the Facebook App This Year, Poll Finds

Many Americans have responded to Facebook’s ongoing privacy and disinformation controversies by reducing their usage of the social media platform. Others have responded by deleting the Facebook app entirely, a new study insists.

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Google and Mastercard Cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales

WEB Notes: Supposedly, the credit card company does not give any of your information to Google. Instead, Google receives a batch of transactions and from that, they can tell who bought what…

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Thousands Of Stores Will Soon Use Facial Recognition, And They Won’t Need Your Consent

WEB Notes: They need the cameras and technology to stop thieves. There is always, I mean always a reason to justify their invasion of your privacy. Do you understand that? Do you pick up on that when you read the news or hear various persuasions?…

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Why Are ATMs Disappearing At An Alarming Rate After A Wave Of Branch Closures?

WEB Notes: This is all a part of the move away from cash. We talked about this before. It is a semi-natural event. Technology is kicking into high gear and people cannot seem to get enough of it…

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Wells Fargo Says Hundreds Of Customers Lost Homes After Computer Glitch

WEB Notes: Living in a digital world can be a great thing. It can also be a very, very bad thing. Can you imagine the frustration felt by those who lost their homes over a computer “glitch”?

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Amazon Sparks Privacy Concerns With Augmented Reality Glasses To Direct Employees Through Warehouses

Amazon has patented a pair of augmented reality goggles that could be used to keep a close eye on its employees.

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Parents Should Not Give Their Children Mobile Phones

WEB Notes: The source has a video that drives the point a little, how smartphones when used improperly actually drive a wedge between our family and friends. They are a tool, use them as a tool.

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Chase ATMs Go Cardless

Forgot your bank card? No worries. Chase has you covered.

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