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Samsung To Start Testing Mind-Controlled TVs

WEB Notes: This is sold as an option for the handicapped, but they admit there are toys on the market that do this already. How long until this is the norm? How much technology do we really need? How many more distractions from true reality do we need?

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Alarm Over Talks To Implant UK Employees With Microchips

WEB Notes: This is not freedom, this is not convenience. This is outright slavery. Why on earth would you have something placed into your body for an employer? You could quite tomorrow or be fired. The world has gone completely insane.

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Are You Ready For A Chip Implant?

WEB Notes: Read the article and then wonder why? Some people love technology a little too much while some think they need every “convenience” known to man…

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Delta Touts USA’s ‘First Biometric Airport Terminal’

WEB Notes: We all knew this was in the works and coming. I just saw some article about a Facebook camera people are going to place in their house that automatically tags them in photos for your Facebook viewing pleasure. Boy if that does it for some people go for it. Back to the topic at hand…

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Eric Schmidt, Ex-Google CEO, Predicts Internet Bifurcation With China

WEB Notes: We have been and continue to race toward a rapidly changing world. Read the quote below, it is very telling.

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Apple Monitors Your iPhone Usage To Assign You A ‘Trust Score’

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? Of course you can, we live in the digital era. I will say, spam is a major problem, but there are other ways to deal with it. When companys have this much control over data, it is no surprise how rich they become…

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Generation Being Born Now Is The Last To Be Free – Assange In Last Interview Before Blackout

WEB Notes: Of course he is right. In the last few months I have found more and more places of business who no longer accept cash. I understand from a business perspective this makes a lot of sense. However, removing that right in the long run is a bad mistake.

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Google Vows to Fight U.S. Air Pollution While Censoring Data on Chinese Smog

WEB Notes: They will publish the truth when it is convenient. I am sure this has nothing to do with Google’s push to enter the Chinese market (insert sarcasm). Our world is controlled by a few corporations when you really get down to it. The truth is being silenced from every angle possible. How much longer will free speech live on the internet is anyone’s guess… How many really care?

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Amazon’s Cashier-Free Go Store Opens In Chicago

WEB Notes: I am not going to comment about technology taking our jobs. I am going to comment about this type of technology being used in the future… Specifically, during the Tribulation of Satan. No store clerks and no cash in the transaction…

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China Moves to Ban Internet Church Activities

WEB Notes: China is banning everything “church” unless it is “approved” ahead of time by the communist nation. That is not freedom of religion. As bad as things may be in the US, we are doing far better than our Chinese counterparts. Make sure to keep them in your prayers. It is a lot harder for them to be Christians than you and I.

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It’s Official, Google Is a Democratic Party Front

WEB Notes: I could only get through a few minutes of this. I would have thought this was a comedy skit, if I did not recognize the CEO of Google. He compares the election outcome (Trump winning) here to what he witnessed in India. You would swear the end of the world was about to occur…

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Google Criticized For Skipping Hearing On Foreign Meddling

WEB Notes: I wonder how well it would go over if you skipped a Senate hearing?

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