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Homeland Security: Terrorists May Exploit Coronavirus Pandemic

The boogieman of yesterday is back, “terrorism”. I am sure our wise readers have figured out the whole “terrorism” agenda was simply about invading the middle east and removing the heads of state who were not in line with the globalist agenda, (see: The United States Funding Of Terrorism Created ISIS).

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ISIS Declares War On Israel And The Jews

WEB Notes: Boy, look at that headline. If that is not a fear mongering one I do not know what is…

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Worst Outbreak Of Locusts In 70 Years Hits Africa

WEB Notes: This outbreak is decimating all of their crops. It is thought the population of locusts could grow 500 times until the dry weather of June comes and knocks down their numbers…

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Israel Attacks Damascus Home Of Deputy Islamic Jihad Chief

WEB Notes: Well if it was to nab a terrorist then that is okay. Sure, Israel never received authority from Syria to pull off such a military campaign, but the global rules for dealing with terrorists means we can find them anywhere and kill them, no matter where they live…

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ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Confirmed Dead After Apparent Suicide During U.S. Operation

WEB Notes: He was the world’s most wanted man (that we funded) that we never knew about. Suddenly, we have this “victory” for the President as he faces impeachment propaganda…

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Afghanistan Probe: ‘At Least 60 Civilians’ Killed After U.S. Military Airstrikes On Alleged Drug Labs

WEB Notes: This sort of thing happens all the time. Can you imagine your neighborhood bombed by the Mexican military? Can you even fathom that kind of world?…

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U.S., Saudi Military Forces Failed to Detect Attack on Oil Facilities

WEB Notes: Funny, we heard the same sad line on 9/11 didn’t we? Out of all the billions and billions of dollars worth of military hardware and we could not detect and prevent this? I smell a rat…

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Afghan Taliban Stronger Than Ever After U.S. Spends $900 Billion

WEB Notes: This headline sounds like one of my WEB Notes. That is nearly $1 Trillion dollars and all our money has done is make the Taliban stronger…

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Oil Tanker Owner Disputes U.S. Account Of Attack

WEB Notes: Read this beauty. The owner of the oil tanker that was attacked in the Strait of Hormuz reports his crew seeing “flying objects” just before the oil tanker was hit…

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U.S. Says Iran Removed Unexploded Mine From Oil Tanker

WEB Notes: Of course Fox failed to include the video in the article as it is so absurd. I had to track it down for you

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