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U.S., China Agree To A 90-Day Trade Truce

WEB Notes: From past articles, we know the tariffs have caused an enourmous amount of damage to our economy. This is documented by Ford and GM as two examples.

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Trump Signs New Trade Agreement With Mexico And Canada To Replace NAFTA

WEB Notes: Simple put, globalism continues on.

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US Restores Iran Sanctions Lifted Under Obama Nuclear Deal

WEB Notes: We knew this was coming from Trump’s movie style tweet the other day. How politicians love to take “action” before election day.

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U.S. Reaches Trade Deal With Canada And Mexico, Providing Trump A Crucial Win

WEB Notes: A victory for Trump, but what about the American people? Will this bring us more jobs? Will it lower our costs on goods? Probably not. More NAFTA, which is globalism. It amazes me the degree of brainwashing that has taken place in this country. In the 90s people fought like crazy to keep NAFTA from becoming a reality. Today, they embrace the President who just re-negotiated it…

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Trump Metals Tariffs Will Cost Ford $1 Billion In Profits, CEO Says

WEB Notes: Who exactly is winning here then? Ford lost a $1 billion, Honda has lost hundreds of millions and they source most of their steel right in the USA. So who is winning? You are going to pay more for the car or truck, the manufactures won’t suck that up. So government must be coming out on top. Surprise, surprise.

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Trump Secures First Trade Deal, Hailing It As ‘Historic Milestone’

President Trump and his South Korean counterpart on Monday signed the first major trade agreement finalized during Trump’s presidency – a deal which U.S. officials say will reduce a U.S. trade deficit that more than doubled since the original U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) came into effect in 2012.

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US Dollar Completely Ditched In Trade Between Iran & Iraq

WEB Notes: We continue to go through this phase, nations who choose to no longer accept the dollar in trade. The current global structure continues to struggle within itself and it will continue to do so until we see the rise of the Ten Clay Kings. Even so, there will be a Deadly Wound to that system in the future.

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U.S. Government To Pay $4.7 Billion In Tariff-Related Aid To Farmers

WEB Notes: So the US created a problem via the trade war they have going and now they are going to paper over the problem they created with your tax dollars. People like to talk about the “free market”. In this case if we let the manipulated “free market” work these farmers would most likely end up going out of business without the help of the US Government.

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Global Car Sales Hit Speed Bump as Demand Slows and Trade Tensions Loom

After nearly a decade of growth, new-vehicle sales in the world’s largest auto markets are entering their first sustained slowdown since the global financial crisis, putting pressure on profits as uncertainty around the U.S.’s trade policies looms.

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S&P 500, Nasdaq Jump To Record Highs As US And Mexico Strike Trade Deal

Stocks jumped on Monday as the United States and Mexico closed a new trade deal, potentially removing a source of uncertainty that had been plaguing investors for months.

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U.S., Mexico Said Poised to Reach NAFTA Deal Soon as Monday

WEB Notes: I am sure the American taxpayer will benefit from this (insert sarcasm).

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Trump Administration Nearing Deal With Mexico On Revised NAFTA — But Issues With Canada Remain

WEB Notes: You notice the headline right? It did not say Trump kills NAFTA like past headlines. They simply changed the deal. Free trade they call it, I wonder how free it really is. I go to the store in the West and my tomatoes come from Mexico. I go to the store in the South and my tomatoes come from Canada. Now I know Americans farm tomatoes and lots of them, I have seen the enormous fields myself, so why can I not buy a tomato from my own nation? I am sure Trump has the answer.

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