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US-China Trade War Fears Escalate As Stock Market Drops 572 Points

The escalating trade confrontation between Washington and Beijing threatened to boil over Friday after President Donald Trump lashed out again and China called on the European Union to join the battle, sending global stocks into the red.

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Trade Dispute Escalates As Trump Threatens $100 Billion More In China Tariffs

WEB Notes: Just months ago, Trump meet with China’s President and even joked that maybe we should remove Presidental term limits like China did. You would have thought, trade would have been a center point of discussion since it was obviously on Trump’s mind…

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China Responds To Trump Tariffs With Their Own, Stock Market Drops 724pts

WEB Notes: What did ol Trump think was going to happen? Did he seriously think China was going to take it on the chin and smile? You do not negotiate with a gun to someone’s head. In other news, the stock market dropped 724 points yesterday, the 5th largest in history.

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Trade War Threat Is Now Wall Street’s Top Economic Fear, Survey Says

WEB Notes: If we end up in the land of doom due to his policy on trade, it will be blamed on conservative ideals.

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Did Trump Just Start a Global Trade War?

WEB Notes: Technically he did. In days of old China owned the most US debt. Today, it is the Federal Reserve followed by China and Japan. It will be interesting how China looks at US debt moving forward or what their response will be.

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Trump’s Order Stops ALL Foreign Takeovers of Large US Tech Companies

WEB Notes: Yes, this is a good idea from a perspective of self preservation. However, it continues to display the idea of a dictatorship in this nation. Executive Order’s are illegal. This is rule by decree, not by the law…

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Trump Spares NAFTA Partners From Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum

President Trump ordered tariffs Thursday on foreign steel and aluminum, brushing aside objections in his own party but sparing Canada and Mexico temporarily while the U.S. pushes its neighbors for a more favorable free trade deal.

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11 Countries Sign TPP Plan Amid Donald Trump Tariffs

WEB Notes: The world comes together and Trump divides. That is how the globalists will play this one. It is interesting to see how rapidly our world is changing.

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The Impending US, European Union Trade War Has Been A Long Coming

WEB Notes: This has the potential to cause a lot of trouble for the governments of the world. Will it? Time will tell, but it reminds me of Chapters 2 and 3 in The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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From Cars to Cows, Here’s Where NAFTA Talks Stand on Big Issues

Negotiations to modernize Nafta are in their sixth round with few signs of a breakthrough, even as President Donald Trump continually applies pressure by threatening to withdraw if the U.S. can’t get its way.

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China Reports Biggest-Ever Annual Trade Surplus With U.S. 

China reported its largest-ever annual trade surplus with the U.S. last year while its overall imbalance with the world shrank, potentially strengthening the Trump administration’s case for tougher penalties and other trade actions against Beijing.

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U.S. Slaps Sanctions On 5 Iranian Entities For ‘Involvement In Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program’ 

WEB Notes: This is another act of war by the United States. This is what we call a “trade war”. You reduce the ability of a nation to make a living and they become destitute and desperate. We are seeing this take place in North Korea as well.

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