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Syria Delivers Evidence to UN Showing Peparations for False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

During a speech delivered on Tuesday to the United Nations Security Council, Syria’s Permanent UN Representative Bashir al-Jaafari claimed to have provided information to the council that was evidence that armed opposition groups, including Al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, were gearing up to use chemical weapons against civilians in the Syrian province of Idlib in an effort to frame the Syrian government for the attack.

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UN Chief Suggests Deploying UN-Mandated Armed Forces To Protect Palestinians

WEB Notes: Protect them from who? The Israeli’s of course. You have read the news, you have heard about the constant back and forth conflicts in Israel and Gaza. You really want to take it upon yourself to read our Bible study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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Donald Trump Claims Victory In NATO Spending Row Amid Reports He Threatened To Pull US Out Of Alliance

WEB Notes: The US is not planning to pull out of NATO, Trump is concerned with others not pitching in to the global organization. No where in here will you find that Trump asked the nations to boost their funding to NATO so the US could withdraw some of our funding. It would not surprise me in the least if the US did pull out of NATO however. We discussed a break up of the current global structure in “The Timeline of the Tribulation” Chapter 2 titled, “The Ram And The He Goat“.

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Trump Will Tell NATO Nations U.S. Cannot Be The World’s Piggy Bank

WEB Notes: Oh gag me with a spoon already. If we were not the world’s piggy bank we would not give 96% of the nations on earth $48 billion a year in aid. We would not provide the UN and NATO with 22% of their budget (the max allowed for a single nation). We would not have over 800 military bases in 70 nations. We would not be in a never ending war in the middle east and around the world. We would not support terrorism or seek the downfall of soverign nations. So do not put on this grand act as if we are doing things right and saving money. We already are the world’s piggy bank and you Mr. President are doing nothing to change that.

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U.N. Official Calls For ‘Ark’ To Save World From Global Warming

WEB Notes: While their ark is just an idea, the Tower of Babel started out with an idea as well. It is very unfortunate that these people just do not get it…

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U.S. Quits UN Human Rights Council, Saying It’s Anti-Israel

WEB Notes: This should be no surprise to the student of the Bible. You are going to see the current global structure fracture far more than this in the future. We will see parts of it merge and we will see it as a whole crumble. We discuss this from a Biblical perspective in, The Timeline of the Tribulation

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UN Report Confirms Debris From Missiles That Hit Saudis From Iran

WEB Notes: It could, might be, we are not sure from Iran. Alrighty then! In other news, The US plans to resume support for the White Helmets in Syria who are of course tied to terrorists. Ol Trump is smart, he should be able to figure that out since everyone else already knows about it. Yet another sign the new boss is the same as the old boss. The marching orders are always inline with the globalist agenda.

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Iran Tells UN It Will Hike Uranium Enrichment Capacity

WEB Notes: Iran has been pretty forthcoming concerning their nuclear activities. At least from what has been reported publically. It is highly unlikely they have broken the so called nuclear deal from 2015. If they do, they will certainly face blowback from the world’s stage.

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UN Takes First Step Toward Landmark Global Environmental Pact

The UN General Assembly on Thursday voted through a resolution establishing a framework for a global pact for the environment, an initiative put forward by French President Emmanuel Macron last September.

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World Leaders Gather At UN To Renew Commitment To Build And Sustain Peace

WEB Notes: This is nothing more than lip service. We just discussed peace and what the Bible says, nothing is going to change just because some people with UN badges want to sit around a table.

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UN-EU Conference On Future Of Syria Opens In Brussels With Urgent Call For International Support

WEB Notes: They are trying to re-start the “stalled” United Nations-led Geneva negotiations. This will go nowhere, until foreign forces, ie: the United States and the allied forces remove themselves from Syria along with their funding of terrorism there. Of course, that is not going to happen anytime soon…

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Syria Chemical Weapons Visit Postponed After Gunfire

The arrival of international chemical weapons inspectors at the location of a suspected poison gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma has been delayed after gunfire at the site during a visit by a U.N. security team on Tuesday, sources told Reuters.

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