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Amazon’s Cashier-Free Go Store Opens In Chicago

WEB Notes: I am not going to comment about technology taking our jobs. I am going to comment about this type of technology being used in the future… Specifically, during the Tribulation of Satan. No store clerks and no cash in the transaction…

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Machines Will Do More Tasks Than Humans By 2025

WEB Notes: It is an ever changing world and this is where we are going like it or not. If you are in the technology field, keep those skills sharp.

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North Carolina: Flooding Fears Surge As Rivers Rise; 17 Dead

WEB Notes: We hope the readers we have in this part of our country are doing okay. This was a big one, know our prayers are with you.

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Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’

WEB Notes: “Active shooter” drills are all about keeping you and your family in a constant state of fear. Do you know how rare a school shooting is? If they want these kids to get used to the sound of a firearm, how about a firearms class. Fear and hype and how many are going to be sucked into this thinking it is a good thing?

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Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through August; Still Run $898B Deficit

WEB Notes: Another quarter, the same sad song plays once again. Big brother takes more of your money, they are in more debt and what do you get for your money? Not a whole lot.

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Americans Are Gobbling Up Fake Meat And Milk Faster Than Ever

WEB Notes: This is news? Americans have been “gobbling up” fake meat from low-quality fast food chains for years.

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Census Bureau Reveals Grim Facts about Real Earnings of Men

WEB Notes: Other media outlets stated middle class income rose to $61,000 for the first time. Some of them like to leave out the details as we will learn in this news piece. By the way, $61,000 is not a lot of money to be classified as “middle class.”  If you have a family of five living on $61,000 pre-tax leaves you basically just getting by.

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California’s Poverty Rate Is Still The Highest In The US

WEB Notes: A lot of people have been brainwashed into believing California is the only place to live. Most of those people have never left the state and experienced other states. They are missing out on a lot, let me tell you.

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It’s Official, Google Is a Democratic Party Front

WEB Notes: I could only get through a few minutes of this. I would have thought this was a comedy skit, if I did not recognize the CEO of Google. He compares the election outcome (Trump winning) here to what he witnessed in India. You would swear the end of the world was about to occur…

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What Will These Mortgage Rates Do to Homeowners Trying to Refinance, Homebuyers, and Mortgage Lenders?

WEB Notes: We figured at the beginning of the year, the market had about another year or two left in it. It is sure starting to look like that is correct. Good read here.

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U.S. Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Requiring Burial or Cremation of Aborted Babies

WEB Notes: So a Federal Judge overruled state law. What happened to the right of the states? What a lack of value for life here. If the baby is murdered by a doctor, it is discarded as “medical waste”. Lord have mercy on our souls.

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Georgia School Reinstates Paddle Policy

WEB Notes: This is fantastic. Our world needs more discipline, the lack of discipline is one of the reasons why it is a mixed up mess. The ol “paddle” or “stick” as some call it is a great motivator to do what is right. This is right inline with the Bible in case you are wondering…

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