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Online Abortion Pills Come To The U.S.

WEB Notes: How about that. Now you can get an abortion through Amazon. That probably is not too far from the truth. We covered this subject from another angle the other day.

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California Fires Tragically Destroy Entire Town of Paradise, Described as Vision of ‘Hell,’ ‘Armageddon’

WEB Notes: This is horrific and really sad to see for this rural Northern California town. You can find more pictures here. This is now the most deadly fire in California history. Prayers go out to all of those affected by this tragedy.

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Lesbians Who Filed Complaint Against Baker for Not Making Wedding Cake Wore Hidden Microphones

WEB Notes: This was a witch hunt and it always is. These people were out to get money and try and ruin another Christian. What a fitting description of 2 Esdras

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10 Years After The Recession, Americans Wake Up To Rising Prices

WEB Notes: Someone has to tell me where these guys have been shopping all of these years. I do not see or recall low prices. This is propaganda. You should all remember after the last economic collapse of 2007 we saw prices go up…

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The Welfare Generation: 51.7% Kids in 2017 Lived in Households Getting Govt Assistance

WEB Notes: I suppose this must be apart of that “Great Again” economy right? I wonder how many people still have the wool pulled over their eyes? When Obama was in office, they told us everything was great too. Now Trump is in office and everything is still great. The numbers in this article are not great. The 95 million working age Americans not in the work force are not great numbers. It goes like this…

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“Camp Fire” Burns Over 6,700 Structures, Becomes Most Destructive Fire In California History

WEB Notes: Very sad. The previous “most destructive fire” was in 2017. One after another these days. There are also fires raging in SoCal as well.

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San Francisco Closes Schools Over Poor Air Quality

WEB Notes: Of course they are blaming this on the fires raging in California. San Francisco is a good ways away from some of these fires and I do not see other cities placing notices over air quality…

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Alabama Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Enshrining Government Right to Display Ten Commandments

WEB Notes: Alabama is on fire. Good job for them. However, a lot of these laws I see passed, have no need. We already have the First Amendment which protects our right of religion. We do not need all these add on laws that really serve no purpose. We already have the right to display the Ten Commandments via the Constitution of the United States.

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Alabama, West Virginia Voters Lay Groundwork to Outlaw Abortion

WEB Notes: This is good, no doubt about it. However, it relies on the Feds making changes. What happened to states rights? This whole thing is very simple…

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Iran Provoking And Threatening The US In Syria And Iraq

WEB Notes: Ohh it’s those blasted Iranians again. I mean can you believe they are backing up their buddies, Syria? What an outrage. I mean they are trying to stand in the way of global domination. What is wrong with those guys? How dare they want to live the way they choose, (insert lots of sarcasm).

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Election By The Numbers: 113 Million Voter Turnout, 33 Flipped Seats So Far, 110 Female Winners, $5.2 Billion Spent

WEB Notes: 30% of the American people voted independent and how many independent candidates did you hear about from the mainstream media?…

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Midterm Election Map 2018: Live Results

WEB Notes: It is a done deal, the Dems win the House, the Reps keep the Senate. What changes?…

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