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Trump Administration Could Be Holding 30,000 Border Kids By August

WEB Notes: Due to that, Republicans are jumping off Trump’s side of the fence saying he is separating families at the border. The fact of the matter is they all should be turned away, this nations immigration policy is drastically broken. For the record, Trump did not bring those families to the United States, those parents brought their children to the United States knowing it is illegal, so those parents caused this problem, not the President.

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Judge: Kansas Cannot Require Proof of Citizenship to Vote

WEB Notes: This nation does not need a lot of help in destroying itself, we manage to do a pretty good job from within.

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As Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million a DAY to Israel

WEB Notes: So many people get caught up with what the mainstream media tells us or what some elected official tells us. Our elected officials should be concerned about our social security and medicare system which is obviously a major need and concern. Instead, they toy with the American people who always seem to fall for their nonsense. We make world news over moving an embassy, yet the average American worker is left to ponder his own future without social security that was withdrawn from his check over his lifetime.

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Syria Says US-Led Strike Hits Troops In East, US Denies

WEB Notes: The US has caused more damage in Syria than I think any of us realize. All for what? What does the common American believe is the reason for the war in Syria? Do they even realize it is taking place might be the better question?

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American Rich Looking To Dodge Property Tax Caps Turn To Alaskan Trusts

WEB Notes: This simply means the state and federal tax code is far too complicated and should be simplified. Who has the time to figure something like this out, much less implement it and stay up on the ever-changing laws? I think we all would love to pay less taxes, but this is not a realistic approach for most.

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California University Encourages Child ‘Sex Play,’ Tells Parents To Let Kids Watch Porn

WEB Notes: For the sake of repeating ourselves so soon, refer to our WEB Notes here for what Jesus thinks about these types of people. These people are some sick puppies, they should not be in a position of authority much less as educators. They are teaching filth and perversion and something that is not common sense. Only a sicko would say you should allow your children to watch porn…

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Canadians Boycott US Products, Cancel Vacations To America

WEB Notes: This would be called a trade war.

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Donald Trump Approves Tariffs on About $50 Billion of Chinese Goods

President Donald Trump approved tariffs on about $50 billion of Chinese goods, people familiar with the decision said, as the U.S. ratchets up its trade fight with Beijing over China’s alleged pressure on U.S. firms to transfer technology to Chinese partners.

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U.S. To Take ‘Firm, Appropriate Measures’ Against Syria Violations

WEB Notes: A part of making “America Great Again” is removing it from the globalist agenda and that is not happening. The US has absolutely no right to be in Syria. The entire reason they are in Syria is under the guise of George Soros humanitarian doctrine. This is about globalism and regime change. You all remember the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine right? Here are some WEB Notes as a refresher.

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UN Report Confirms Debris From Missiles That Hit Saudis From Iran

WEB Notes: It could, might be, we are not sure from Iran. Alrighty then! In other news, The US plans to resume support for the White Helmets in Syria who are of course tied to terrorists. Ol Trump is smart, he should be able to figure that out since everyone else already knows about it. Yet another sign the new boss is the same as the old boss. The marching orders are always inline with the globalist agenda.

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‘We Exist’: Former Gays and Transgenders Protest California’s Discriminatory LGBT Therapy Ban

WEB Notes: This is coming from former homosexuals. Look, under our Heavenly Father’s Law we have the right to execute His Word in this world. That means we live by His Law and we share His Word with the world. A state cannot make that illegal, if they do, I certainly would not want to be in their shoes.

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The Dollar’s Purchasing Power Drops 2.9% in May from Year Ago, Fastest Drop since Nov 2011

Consumer price inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jumped by 2.8% in May from a year ago, after having already jumped by 2.5% in April.

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