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Dow Jones Drops 832 Points In Third Worst Drop In History

WEB Notes: Instantly, overnight, 832 points were wiped off the board and for what? No one knows. Wait, one CEO tells us…

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Mortgage Rates On 30-Year Home Loan Hit 5 Percent

WEB Notes: And so it goes. Can we say we were not warned? This is going to bring the housing market back down to reality. Higher rates mean you can afford less house than before. Remember, in previous articles we have documented for you Americans are in record debt, and they once again are using their homes for an ATM card. No equity in your home means your ATM just dried up.

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US OKs More Than $54 Billion In Military Equipment To Foreign Nations

WEB Notes: From past articles, we know a lot of this is going to nations in the middle east to combat Iran. It sounds like more pieces are falling into place.

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Hillary Clinton: Democrats ‘Cannot Be Civil’ With Republicans Anymore

WEB Notes: Seriously people? We are the same people. What happened to “United We Stand?” She then goes on to say if the Democrats win the House and Senate that “civility can start again”. After all the trash that has been thrown at the President and they want to talk about “civility”? Why on earth are we voting for these traveling clowns? We should be collecting tar and feathers instead.

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Ford To Lay Off Workers Amid $11 Billion Reorganization

WEB Notes: I should not have to tell you an $11 billion reorganization is a major event. Ford is doing this due to the Trump tarrifs, the tarrifs many Trumpbots thought was a good idea. We have talked about this over and over and now the chickens are coming home to roost. We previously posted about Ford loosing $1 billion in profits due to the tarrifs. This is affecting a lot of other companies as well…

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10 & 30-Year Yields Surge, Yield Curve “Steepens,” Stocks Drop, as Fed Talks Up Rate Hikes in 2019

WEB Notes: We have seen nothing but rate hikes this year and it sounds like more are on their way next year. This is certainly going to affect the economy and may bring about the next collapse. You don’t really think the good times are going to keep on playing forever do you? Look at the past, the music always stops, just make sure you are not holding the bag.

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US In New Global Court Showdown With Iran

The United States will confront Tehran at the UN’s top court on Monday over billions in frozen assets, in a case that could deepen the Trump administration’s rift with international justice.

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U.S. Quietly Makes Progress Toward ‘Arab NATO’

WEB Notes: New readers may be wondering what this is all about. The article sums it up in this one sentence…

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‘Chain Breaker’ Singer Zach Williams Records Album Live In Nashville Prison: ‘It Was Just Like a Wall Between Us Dropped’

WEB Notes: When you read the article from the source, Williams explains he did not know what to do or say when he went into the prison to share his music. God simply provided him what to say in the moment…

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Freedom From Religion Foundation Seeks Removal of ‘Our Daily Bread’ Sign in Elementary School Cafeteria

WEB Notes: The FFRF is one of the biggest atheist groups in the nation. These guys have nothing better to do than cause problems for Christians and our school systems. They can “seek” and request all they want and those who stand by God can tell them to go fly a kite.

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U.S. Fed Buys $1.1 Billion Of Mortgage Bonds, Sells None

WEB Notes: The Federal Reserve has to buy these bonds as no one else wants to hold them. This is helping to prop up the housing market. If the Fed stopped buying these bonds and continues to raise the interest rates you would see the market crash a lot faster than it will.

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U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls To Lowest Since 1969

WEB Notes: Talk about manipulated numbers. They made these same claims during the Obama years. Yet, even today, 95 million working age Americans are out of the labor force. If memory serves me correctly, there are roughly 220 million working age Americans so you do the math.

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