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NATO Holds Biggest War Games Since End Of Cold War

WEB Notes: It seems we always hear this headline, it is renewed time after time. Relax, God is in control, He is always in control.

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Trump’s Venezuela Military Option Gains Backers as Millions Flee

WEB Notes: We covered this topic when it first surfaced just over a year ago. Read our important WEB Notes from that article. Now it comes to light once again. Why? Globalism…

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Russia Launches Biggest Ever War Games, China Participates

WEB Notes: The nations are going to do what the nations are going to do. No, Russia is not going to drop a nuke on the US. Relax.

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Trump Warns Syria Not To ‘Recklessly Attack’ Idlib Province

WEB Notes: Only a globalist would say something like that. Assad, Syria’s President is trying to take back his nation from foreign supported terrorists. Trump has no right to tell Assad not to reunite his own country. All of this coming from the man, like his predecessor, who caused destabilization in the middle east all in the name of “fighting terrorism”. I bet my kids could have done a better job fighting terrorists than these guys. That is due to the fact they are not fighting them, but helping them destabilize Assad and the middle east…

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Israel Threatens Attack On Iranian Assets Installed In Iraq

WEB Notes: The walls are starting to close in on Iran… Due to US sanctions, Iran’s currency is at a record low verse the dollar. This is very problematic for the Iranian government. It will cause further economic destabilization in their nation and push the people there closer to revolt. Of course, this is by design to change the powers in Iran.

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Trump’s Iran Strategy: Regime Change on the Cheap

WEB Notes: If you are wondering what this is all about, then take the time to read “The Ram And The He Goat“, Chapter 2 in our Timeline of the Tribulation series.

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Iran Guards Say It Held Gulf Drills As U.S. Tensions Rise

WEB Notes: Any blockage of the Stait of Hormuz will cause a lot of trouble. Keep an eye on this one, though as of right now it is doubtful that it will escalate.

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Lockheed To Double Patriot Missile Production As Orders Explode

WEB Notes: So within just days of Trump convincing the NATO members they need to spend more money for NATO defense, they open up their wallets. Not sure how believable that is, but let us go with it. For a President who is not a globalist, (whoops, he is) he promoted a world governing body and just made it stronger, not weaker. If Trump was not a globalist he would have sought the demise of NATO, not its expansion and on another level…

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China, Russia, And The US Are All Building Centers for Military AI

WEB Notes: They are and have been discussing AI with drones for a number of years now. I find this truly disturbing. When we allow machines to make life or death decisions we have lost off semblance of humanity.

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Trump Has Repeatedly Pushed For US To Invade Venezuela

WEB Notes: You really want to understand who it is you support, you want to know and understand their family background as well. It should be of no surprise to you that Ol Trump supports the same things the globalists support. It is no secret there has been an agenda to remove Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Venezuela from power for many, many years…

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‘Qualification Flight’: Pentagon Test-Drops Upgraded Nuke From B-2 Stealth Bomber Over Nevada

WEB Notes: This bomb has been around for 50 years and they are seeking to extend its service life by another 20 years. That is amazing to think how far advanced this nation is where a 50 year old bomb is still worth keeping, it shows how backwards the rest of the world really is. Could some of this readiness be for Iran? Time will tell.

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Iran Will Face ‘Wrath Of Entire World’ If It Tries To Develop Nuclear Weapons – Pompeo

WEB Notes: You know, that is exactly how I talk to my neighbors too. You drive slow down the road or you will face my shotgun, (sarcasm)! Come on folks, we know the globalist would like nothing more than for Iran to break the treaty so war can ensue.

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