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Over 60 Civilians Killed In US-Led Coalition Airstrikes In Syria

WEB Notes: This will be considered okay, then they try and point the finger at Syria’s President Assad anytime someone catches a cold over there.

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Yemen Could Be ‘Worst Famine In 100 Years’

WEB Notes: Wherever there is death and destruction there goes a “US Coalition,” but wait. Iran must have something to do with this, that is what the puppets on TV always tell me. Learn why the war is raging in the middle east, then understand how it is tied into the Bible.

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U.S. Begins Training Turkish Troops For Patrols In Syria’s Manbij

WEB Notes: Did Syria get a say in the matter? Nope. They are not inline with the globalists, that is the entire reason why their country is being attacked by the globalists.

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Iran Blames The US And Saudi Arabia For Ahvaz Military Parade Attack

WEB Notes: We have a lot of Scripture playing out in the news lately, I sure hope you are not falling asleep at the wheel. Here we have Iran, just attacked in a minor fashion. This was designed to poke them in the eye a little bit. How is this Scripture Brandon? It is all in “The Timeline of the Tribulation” series, laid out in black and white. Prophecy is coming to pass, the only question is if you are aware of it.

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Missiles Fired on Syrian Army Infrastructure in Latakia

US Jets Strike Syrian Town With Banned White Phosphorus Bombs – Russia

WEB Notes: This is no surprise, the US has no business in Syria to begin with. In other news, reports are indicating Syria’s President Basher Assad is planning to us a chemical gas to attack the rebels in the Syria town of Idlib. Can we use common sense for just a moment?…

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Russia Warns US Of Pending Attack In Syrian Area With US Troops

US To Continue Backing Saudi Coalition In Yemen War

WEB Notes: The US continues to back and sponsor wars it has no business in to begin with. This is not about making America great or protecting you. This is about globalism and continuing to transform the middle east into a region that is completely accepting of the globalist ideal.

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Israel Destroys Gaza Cultural Centre, 18 Injured

At least 18 people were wounded yesterday after Israeli occupation forces targeted a cultural centre in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Head Of Syrian Arms Research Program Has Been Assassinated

WEB Notes: So within a 24 hour period Venezuela’s Maduro was almost assassinated and one of Syria’s main military members was assassinated. Personally, I do not believe in coincidences this big.

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Maduro Says He Escaped ‘Assassination’ Attempt Claimed By Rebel Group

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was “more determined than ever” after he escaped an “assassination” attempt using an explosive-laden drone as he gave a speech during a Caracas military parade.

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IDF Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet That Entered Israeli Airspace

WEB Notes: They shot it down inside Israel, but the jet managed to crash inside Syria. It is a possibility, but I doubt that is how it really went down.

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