7 Year Tribulation

The Tribulation is the time when the Antichrist appears on earth. Originally, the Tribulation was going to last for 7 years. Yet, Jesus shortened the Tribulation for the Elect’s sake, otherwise, no flesh would be saved, (Mar 13:20).

In order to prove the Tribulation was originally 7 years, we must understand the 70 Weeks of Daniel, (Dan 9:24). Each of those weeks consists of 7 years. In summary, 69 weeks have already transpired, but the final week was paused when Jesus was crucified for our sins.

We currently await this 70th and final week to begin. Once the 70th Week begins, that initiates what was supposed to be the 7 year Tribulation.

We can prove this final week begins the Tribulation by reading Daniel 9:26-27. There we read the actions of the abominable “little horn”, the “man of sin” who confirms a covenant with many for one week, (Dan 7:8, 2 Th 2:3-4, Mat 24:15). This perfectly aligns with Revelation 13:5.

Now that one week, is the 70th Week, which begins the Tribulation that was originally 7 years long. The entity who negotiates this ‘covenant for one week’ is the Antichrist who “doth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men”, (Rev 13:13).

That is Satan, the same entity who will “exalteth himself” and “shewing himself that he is God”, (2 Th 2:4). Satan (Antichrist) will not claim to be Satan, he will claim to be God.

Is it any wonder then why Jesus shortened the 7 year Tribulation?

In the following studies, you can learn more about the Tribulation and the 70 Weeks of Daniel. We also have a very candid conversation concerning the duration of the shortened Tribulation.

7 Year Tribulation

The Hour Of Temptation

We explain when the Hour of Temptation takes place, and how it ties to the 70 Weeks of Daniel. We also discuss the Great Apostasy, and the actual length of the Tribulation.

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