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Corrupt Seeds Bring Forward Rotten Fruit

These days when you pull up the news, you are just about guaranteed to get heartburn. I have come to expect, the news today will be worse than yesterday. Actually, the news headlines yesterday set


Australian Rage, American Tyranny, And Information

As each day passes by, our world becomes a little crazier than the prior day. In just the last three days, the headlines, and information published through mainstream and social media channels is astounding. We


Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate

We have a brave Australian pilot for Qantas who is voicing his concerns over vaccine mandates. This man has been in aviation for 53 years. He refuses to submit to the whims of the government/corporate


Look What The Media Is Reporting In Australia!

The government and mainstream media in Australia have gone full blown Communist. The media coverage is so absurd, I did a bunch of double checking to ensure this was a real news report. It is.


Rebellion: The People Defy Worldwide Govt COVID Mandates

Through the World Health Organization and other global institutions, we have seen most governments of the world coordinate in absolute unison on the COVID-19 narrative. Yet, the people have had enough! Last week, we discussed

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