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How Should Christians Respond To Social Media Censorship?

The divide between reality and social media continues to expand. Relevant content is continually blocked if it does not fit the platform's narrative. Todd asked how should Christians deal with this, and what steps should

Brandon, Please Just Shut Up!

Brandon, Please Just Shut Up!

Most of the time, I receive really nice emails from folks. Yet, there are times when I receive what I call, “Nastygrams”. Today, I received a Nastygram which I will share in part with you. Why?

Brandon, You Are Too Political

Brandon, You Are Too Political

I received an email from a reader who was a bit upset by some of our commentary. While I will withhold the name of the individual, I am going to share the email and my


Can We Change The Politics Of Government?

One of our readers made a comment on this article with some great questions for me. My response is a bit lengthy for a comment, so we are posting it here for you to read.


I Don’t Feel Strong Or Wise Enough

As Christians, who provides us with strength, wisdom and the ability to be prepared; spiritually, mentally and physically for anything that comes our way?

Last Days

What Do We Do With This Information?

The reader is correct, we are going into Biblical captivity. Babylon of the last days is rising up. That does not mean we give up and let wickedness prevail.

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