Topic: Tribulation


The Hour Of Temptation

We explain when the Hour of Temptation takes place, and how it ties to the 70 Weeks of Daniel. We also discuss the Great Apostasy, and the actual length of the Tribulation.


The Timing Of Satan's Appearance

We identify a potential time frame for the appearance of Satan who is cast from Heaven to earth. The Tribulation now begins with Satan claiming to be God.


The Deadly Wound

We explain what receives the Deadly Wound in Revelation. This event will bring humanity to its knees, an event that ushers in the appearance of the Antichrist.

Bible Question And Answer

How Will The Antichrist Appear?

Name: ToddQuestion: How will the Antichrist make his appearance, or entrance being cast from Heaven in your opinion? By what means? And what possible deceptive portrayal that is being indoctrinated today by Hollywood, television and


The Four Winds Of Revelation

We discuss the symbology of the Four Winds which directly ties to the Seven Trumpets. When the Four Winds are released, the Tribulation is at the door.


Daniel's Vision: The Ram And The Goat

We explain Daniel’s Vision and the symbology of the Ram and Goat. An event that ushers in the Four Winds of Revelation, and soon after, the Antichrist.

Who Are The Two Witnesses?

Who Are The Two Witnesses In Revelation?

The Bible does not say who the Two Witnesses of Revelation are. Though we can get a good idea. Personally, I believe they will be Elijah and Enoch.


The Timeline Of The Tribulation

Jesus warned us, the Great Tribulation will be an unprecedented event in world history. It marks the moment when Satan and his angels are cast upon the earth.


Preparation Notes On Deuteronomy 8

A short video with notes on preparing for the Tribulation and examples in our Fathers Letter spurred by a few comments on our site. Additional Reading: The Saints And Their Role In The Tribulation Preparing

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