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While Biden Talks Russian War, America Falls Apart

It’s diversion tactics. The people are like a kitten, we see a ball and there we go chasing after it. Quickly forgetting what we were so intensely focusing on moments before. You have seen the


Don't Get Caught Up In The Hype

You ever notice how people, all of us tend to get wound up over things? We all have our own beliefs, once something comes across our desk that aligns with our beliefs, boy we latch


Fauci And Friends Are Sad Little Men

I don’t know about you, but each day, the headlines continue to amaze and amuse me. I want to share a video with you today, but before we get there, let me share some headlines.


Crooks In Congress, Omicron And Hypocrisy

I am amazed how much we put up with two faced hypocrites. Even worse, how much we back them up as they belong to our political party. It sickens me immensely. What am I talking


Is World War On The Horizon?

Kablooey! The mainstream media perverts are at it again. They are trying to scare the wits out of us regular folk to keep us in a constant state of fear and paranoia. Then again, it's


Are We Beginning To Turn The Corner? Mandates Fade Away

Last week, as news broke of yet another COVID-19 variant, it turns out the patient was fully vaccinated. This is yet another blow for the fear-mongers. You know, our elected officials and the mainstream media.


Will This Photo End The Mask Hysteria?

As history tells it, back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu, there were also face mask mandates. People were shamed and conned into wearing face coverings in order to protect themselves and society. You know,


Have You Noticed, No One Wants To Work Anymore?

On Saturday, my son and I walked into a UPS store to pick up a package. Actually, we looked through the glass and marveled at the sign. It said, “open Sunday’s 7am to 3pm”. This

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