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Welcome to the Resources section of our site. World Events and the Bible features an extensive list of resources and links ranging from the topics of: Space (Asteroids, Meteor), Earthquakes, Volcanos, Weather, Government, Economic and more. We hope you enjoy and find these Resources useful, if you do please share with a friend.

Space: Information & Events

Information, photos and videos about the vast dark space around us.
Solar: Solar System Scope
An outstanding display of the solar system in motion with labels of the stars. You can move forward or reverse in time.
Solar: Sun Aeon
Similar site as above.
Solar: Solar Monitor
Keep tabs on the latest events regarding our sun.
Solar: Atmospheric Imaging Assembly
Sun changes, images and information.
Meteor: Worldwide Meteor News
The latest meteorite news.
Meteor: American Meteor Society
Information concerning meteors, including detailed photo and video.

Earth: Information & Events

Earthquakes: USGS
USGS live earthquake map.
Earthquakes: EMSC
EMSC live earthquake map.
Earthquakes: Global Incident Map
Global Incident earthquake map.
Earthquakes: NewsBlogged Updates
Earthquake updates.
Volcanos: USGS
A large but not complete list of volcanos world wide.
Volcanos: Volcano Live
Every volcano that has erupted in the past 10,000 years is listed here. Breaking volcano news on the main site.
Volcanos: Smithsonian Volcano Program
Weekly volcano updates.
Tropical weather and hurricanes.
Weather: Weather Channel Hurricane Tracker
Hurricane tracker.
Weather: NOAA
Weather from the NOAA.

Resources & Commodities

Reference Desk
Reference, Facts, News and Family Friendly Resources.
CNN Commodities
Current commodities market.
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
GATA’s purpose is to expose collusion against the free market of precious metals.
Articles and charted history of the precious metals market.
Austin Gold Information Network
Table for converting troy oz to other measurements.
The Inflation Calculator
Great tool, just as the title says.


Legislation in Current Congress
Check the status of a Bill in Congress.
This is an independent website that tracks Congress (check bill status).
The American Presidency Project
This site contains every Executive Order that has been issued.
United States Senate
Find and contact your state Senator.
United States House of Representatives
Find and contact your state’s Congressmen.
Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world!
FDIC Failed Bank List
A list of all the failed banks from the FDIC’s website.
US Debt Clock
Prepare to weep.


Nationwide Tap Water Report: Database Details Pollutants In Virtually All U.S. Public Water Systems
Database detailing the pollutants found in U.S. public water supplies.
NVIC Advocacy Portal
National Vaccine Information Center provides information on upcoming state laws with respect to vaccines.

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