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Why Did Jesus Die For Us?

God required blood sacrifice so the people would remember and feel the burden of their sin every year. Christ fulfilled this, providing eternal redemption for all.

What Is God's Name?

From Hebrew, we will translate God's name together. Then you will know of a certainty it's Jehovah in English, and Yehovah (YHVH, not YHWH) in Hebrew.

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What Does The Bible Say About Self Defense?

Name: DaveQuestion: Good Morning, I am trying to better understand Matthew 5:38-39. I instinctively have a hard time believing that Christ wants us to not defend ourselves against physical and verbal assaults. How would the heathens

Will A Third Temple Be Built?

A third temple will not be built prior to the Tribulation. We learn, God and the Lamb are the temple, and Christians make up the pillar of this symbolic temple.

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Should We Celebrate The Feast Days?

Name: MarshaQuestion: In Lev. 23 it talks about the feast days and that we are to observe them throughout our generations and teach them to our children. I know that Christ became our Passover. The

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Has The 5th Trumpet Sounded?

Name: Martha Wells-SmithQuestion: I have several questions. It's my understanding that we are in the 5th Trump at this time. Has the 5th seal already happened to open our eyes to the 5th Trump? Has

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How Can We Store Up Treasure In Heaven?

Name: AntonioQuestion: How does one build his treasure in Heaven? Thank you and God bless you. Antonio. Name: Brandon T. WardAnswer: Antonio, so good to hear from you and thank you for the question. How

Who Was Moses Father In Law?

Who Was Moses Father In Law?

Moses’ father-in-law was Jethro. Jethro was a Midianite Priest, this made him a descendant of Abraham, though Jethro lived in the land of the Kenites.

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