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We help you find the answers you are looking for in the Bible. Bi-weekly we answer reader submitted questions backed by the Word of God. We also address questions or comments about our Bible studies in this forum.

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Bible Questions And Answers


Bible Questions And Answers


Does The Bible Teach Once Saved Always Saved?
How Do We Build Treasure In Heaven?
What Is Church?
Can We Be Saved Without Baptism?
Can Christians Defend Themselves?

Heaven & Hell

Do People Go To Heaven When They Die?
Where Did The Souls Go That Died Before Christ?
What Is Hell?
Will God Forgive A Murderer On Earth Or Heaven?
What Happens To Those On The Wrong Side Of The Gulf In Heaven?


Why Was Sacrifice Necessary To Forgive Sin?
Are All Sins The Same?
Is Suffering Punishment For Our Sins?
Can Someone Repent In Their Last Breath And Be Saved?
Are Sinners Tormented Forever?

God & Christ

Is God In Control Of The World?
Why Did Christ Say, I Beheld Satan As Lightning Fall From Heaven?
When Was Jesus Born?

Genealogy & People

Who Are The Hebrews, And Where Did They Come From?
Who Are The Elect?
Are The Jews God’s Chosen People?
Who Are The Gentiles?
Why Did Paul Say Salvation To The Jew First, And Also To The Greek?


Are The Seven Seals In Order?
Do We Agree With Our Enemy During The Tribulation?
Is Satan Cast From Heaven At The 5th Or 6th Trumpet?
How Will Antichrist Make His Appearance?
Are The 144,000 Killed During The Tribulation?

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