Our Commentary articles concern the Bible, life, and events that have a lasting impact in our world. This is a great resource for those who enjoy a common-sense approach to the Bible and the world around us.

Who Owns The Media?

The media is the most influential source of information on the planet. The news surrounds us 24x7. Who owns the media that publishes the world's information?

The Tower Of Babel In The Modern Era

As mankind moves further down the pathway of time, we find mankind repeating mistakes from the past. Many of us are familiar with the Tower of Babel. It was an early point in human history

Media's Influence On Our Mind

When we consider how the human mind works, we typically gravitate to those who share similar thoughts and experiences that we have. It can be political, religious, and so on. That is just human nature.

Think, Think, Think.

Have you ever thought about how we think, and where are beliefs come from? Think about the information we are exposed to each day. This will be a thinking challenge for all Christians.

A Discussion Around Deuteronomy 23

We will elaborate on a Bible Q&A concerning interracial marriage. We also discuss a reader's email and a few comments that bring up Deuteronomy 23.

A Family Story From Glacier National Park

It was the summer of 2019, and my children and I were talking about nature as we typically do. We were visiting Glacier National Park and were amazed at the beautiful red, green, and gray

Never Stop

As I looked at the news today, I just thought, "What a mess." Do I really want to share finance with everyone today? Not really, it looked pretty grim, but then what else is new

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