Devotions are apart of our daily bread, our spiritual nutrients for the day. These short studies will provide life lessons that will help you, and your family apply Scripture to your daily life.

Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God

It's so easy to seek after the world, or worry about the troubles it brings. Yet, if we seek first the kingdom of God, our earthly troubles will disappear.

Fight The Good Fight Of Faith

Christianity is not just about faith, that is only the beginning. Christianity is about fighting a good fight for Christ by taking action and accountability.

The Sea And The Waves Roaring

These days, it can be difficult to make sense of our world. Yet, Christ offered some prophetical words that we can apply to the days we find ourselves in.

As The World Falls Apart, Remember...

As the world falls further away from God, it becomes that much closer to Satan. There is a great divide separating us from friends, family, and even Christians.

Christ Was Rejected By His Own

Making decisions and standing by them can mean, our family rejects us for those beliefs. Yet, we should remember Christ and the example He set long ago.

Learn To Be A Berean

As Christians, we enjoy fellowship, but remember, our allegiance is to God's Word. We should be like the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily.

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