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ISIS Proxy Army of the West Attacks Iran – Video2017/06/112017-06-11 22:16:05
Discussion Around The MOAB Strike On “ISIS” – Video2017/04/152017-04-15 19:28:53
Why Did Christ Speak In Parables? – Video2016/12/222016-12-22 07:12:08
The Oil of the Ten Virgins – Video2016/08/192016-08-19 02:00:24
World Events and the Bible: July 2016 in Review – Video2016/08/052016-08-05 00:01:29
World Events and the Bible: June 2016 in Review – Video2016/07/082016-07-08 00:01:04
World Events and the Bible: May 2016 in Review – Video2016/06/072016-06-07 23:59:54
Fallen Soldiers, In Vain – Video2016/05/122016-05-12 17:00:54
Is The U.S. Political System Rigged By Global Powers? – Video2016/05/022016-05-02 00:01:39
Preparation Notes – Video2016/04/212016-04-21 00:02:28
The False Hope of the Rapture – Video2015/12/112015-12-11 00:01:36
ISIS News and World Leaders Calls for a United World Against Terrorism – Video2015/11/222015-11-22 20:21:38


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