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Signs in the Earth: Two More 6.0 Quakes, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Costa Rica in Addition to Two More Volcano Eruptions

In the past 48 hours we have had four 6.0+ magnitude earthquakes. Since August 23rd there have been five volcano eruptions, including two in the last 24 hours.

It should also be noted over the last seven days there have been 116 earthquakes measuring 4.5 magnitude or higher. This is extremely high.
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The Perplexity of Nations: Birth Pains of a New Age

The Perplexity of Nations: Birth Pains of a New Age - Sands of Time Hour Glass

By: Brandon T. Ward

We live in very interesting and dangerous times. Prophetically speaking, we live in the end times. But what does that mean? Television, Magazines and the Internet would have us believe the whole world will devolve into a nuclear Armageddon of utter destruction. While mainstream Christianity preaches the same in addition to a variety of other false doctrines. I would ask, has anyone bothered to find out what God says? He sent us a Letter.

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