AboutWorld Events and the Bible was created in 2009 after much prayer and consideration. Initially, the idea for our site was to be a repository for Bible study and news articles in order to help people understand current events.

However, in 2012 our site became dedicated to providing regular Bible study for the online community. We also added daily news and eventually Christian commentary within most news articles on our blog, we call these “WEB Notes“. As our site continued to grow through the gracious blessings of God, we introduced the Bible Questions and Answers section of our site in 2014. This provides a format where readers can ask questions and have them answered in a public format. Not only did this add value for our readers, but it added to our integrity and remains one of the core staples of our site.

World Events and the Bible is a site for everyone. For the believer, to build your faith in our Heavenly Father and strengthen your walk with Christ. To encourage you and help you apply critical thinking to the Biblical texts, so you can undercover misconceptions and half-truths that are commonly taught today as fact. For the non-believer, to document the Bible is true and accurate if you only take the time and opportunity to open your mind and verify it for yourself.

At World Events and the Bible, we encourage our readers to study the Bible for themselves. We encourage you to verify our Bible teachings, and others so you can be sure it is the True Word of God that is being taught.

When we apply some of these techniques and approaches we obtain a truth that is not only tried by fire, but a truth that no one can take away from us.


Brandon T. Ward

Statement Of Faith