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Christian Basics

What Is The Rapture?

The rapture doctrine states Christians are removed from earth before the Tribulation. We discuss the various beliefs and explain why they are not Biblical.

What Does One Will Be Taken And The Other Left Mean?

What Does ‘One Taken, The Other Left’ Mean?

Name: KarenQuestion: Hi.. Can you please explain why in Matthew 24 it talks about one person being taken and the other being left? Thank you! Answer: Karen, thank you for the question. We are going

Bible Question And Answer

Will Christians Go Through The Tribulation?

Name: Preacher DaveQuestion: Will we (the church) go through the tribulation or will we be raptured out before it happens?? The Bible says we will be raptured out before this time comes. Scripture ref: I

The False Hope Of The Rapture

The False Hope Of The Rapture

The rapture is a commonly taught doctrine by the churches of today. This doctrine wrongly teaches believers they will be removed from the earth by Christ in either a, Pre-Tribulation rapture, Mid-Tribulation rapture or Post-Tribulation

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