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The Bible is the Textbook of Life

By: Brandon T. Ward

As children we went to school each and every day to learn about life and the ways of the world. We spent hours in class after class only to come home and spend hours more doing homework. The knowledge we obtained led us where we are today, good or bad. Seeking a brighter future, some of us learned a trade, some of us started our own businesses, while others went off to college. We studied day in and day out, night and day we studied to ensure we possessed the knowledge required in order to pass the big test, to make the grade and succeed in this world.

Finally, graduation day arrives and with that degree we obtained wonderful jobs which provided us with the things we sought after in life. Our education did not stop there, we had to invest more time and energy into that new job in order to learn the ins and outs of it which refined our skills and made us more valuable to our employers.

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Witness of the Stars – E.W. Bullinger

Witness of the Stars

Witness of the Stars

Book: Witness of the Stars
Author: E. W. Bullinger
Description: An outstanding book documenting the stars and their scriptural reference.

Building upon ancient astronomical sources and current scientific data E. W. Bullinger displays how the constellations bear witness to the accuracy of biblical prophetic truths. Numerous celestial charts and diagrams are provided to lend vivid support to his conclusions. With the psalmist one discovers that “the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork” thus encouraging Bible students to look upward for the coming of Christ.

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Sodom and Gomorrah: Feds to extend same-sex marriage rights to all states

(WT) – In an assertion of same-sex marriage rights, Attorney General Eric Holder is applying a landmark Supreme Court ruling to the Justice Department, announcing Saturday that same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other, should be eligible to file for bankruptcy jointly and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as federal prison inmates in opposite-sex marriages.

The Justice Department runs a number of benefits programs, and Holder says same-sex couples will qualify for them. They include the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and benefits to surviving spouses of public safety officers who suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries in the line of duty.

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Pope’s Mass: The Church is our Mother. She cleanses us of our sins

WEB Notes: A church is a brick building, it cleanses nothing neither do it’s members. Christ cleanses us and we do that by repenting of our sins TO GOD. The church will be the mother of the end times however…

Rev 17:3  “So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.”

That beast is Satan himself. Who is this woman?

Rev 17:4  “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:”

She looks like royalty, but she is an abomination. She will be the coming world government which will be a very religious system. Make no mistake the world will run after Satan thinking he is Christ returned.

Rev 17:5  “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

There is your “mother“. She is the whore of the end times, if your church hasn’t taught you the false messiah comes first you are in bad shape my friends.

(Rome Report) – In his Thursday morning Mass, Pope Francis talked about the mystery of death. He explained that despite our sins, dying in the heart of the Church, is a gift. 
“It’s a gift from God and we must pray for it. To say, ‘Lord, grant me the gift of dying at my spiritual home, in the heart of the Church.’ We are sinners! All of us are. But we’re not traitors. No! We are not corrupt. No! We stay on the inside! The Church, our Mother loves us so, despite our sins, the Church cleanses us. She’s our Mother.”

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Scotland becomes 17th country to approve same-sex marriages

(Reuters) – Scotland voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to allow same-sex marriages, becoming the 17th country to give the green light to gay marriage despite opposition from its main church organisations.

The Scottish government, which will hold a referendum on independence from Britain in September, said passing the same-sex marriage bill was an important step for equal rights and paved the way for same-sex wedding ceremonies later this year.

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Presidential Palace In Bosnia Set On Fire As Riots Break Out Protesting 40% Unemployment

(Video, ZeroHedge) – Another day, another European nation is hit by violent riots as protests over the economy and corruption spilled over violently into the street, this time Bosnia where more than 150 people were wounded on Friday in the worst civil unrest in the country since the 1992-95 war. The reason: anger over the dire state of domestic politics, the economic collapse and especially the country’s 40% unemployment rate.

The Telegraph reports that angry protesters set fire to part of the presidential palace in Sarajevo, as well as government buildings in the capital Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica. At least 80 people were injured in Sarajevo and 10 in Zenica, authorities said. There were no immediate casualty figures from Tuzla, where the worst of the fighting was.

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Iran says warships sailing towards U.S.: agency

WEB Notes: We are constantly told how dangerous Iran is yet this is the first time they have been able to bring their ships to our side of the world. That should strike you as odd. It should also strike you as odd that this is being reported as a thread to the West. Have we forgotten the United States has the nation of Iran literally surrounded by armies? Have we forgotten we typically have warships right off their coast?

(Yahoo) – An Iranian naval officer said a number of warships had been ordered to approach U.S. maritime borders as a response to the stationing of U.S. vessels in the Gulf, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

“Iran’s military fleet is approaching the United States’ maritime borders, and this move has a message,” the agency quoted Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad as saying.

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Josie Outlaw: Why Good People Should Be Armed

Top Adviser To The Chinese Government Calls For A “Global Currency” To Replace The U.S. Dollar

WEB Notes: This is not a new development. Simply the continued calls for a new global currency. Eventually this will lead to the One World Beast Government of Satan.

(Activist Post) – The former chief economist at the World Bank, Justin Yifu Lin, is advising the Chinese government that the time has come for a single global currency.  Lin, who is also a professor at Peking University, says that the U.S. dollar “is the root cause of global financial and economic crises” and that moving to a “global super-currency” will bring much needed stability to the global financial system. And considering how recklessly the Federal Reserve has been pumping money into the global financial system and how recklessly the U.S. government has been going into debt, it is hard to argue with his logic.

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Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

WEB Notes: Of course Christians are, they are the enemy of Satan.

(CNS News) – Restrictions, harassment, and intimidation towards people who practice their religion increased in every major region of the world in 2012 except the Americas, with Christians the major target, says a new report by the Pew Research Center. “Muslims and Jews experienced six-year highs in the number of countries in which they were harassed by national, provincial or local governments,” the study found, but Christians continue to be the world’s most oppressed religious group, with persecution against them reported in 110 countries.

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This Micro Documentary is a Perfect GMO Crash Course

(Video, Activist Post) – Andrew Detemer, age 16, has recently released a perfect rundown of the issues concerning genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food supply.

Featured in the documentary are the following types of experts: an author, farmer, dietitian, and former investigative reporter, Ben Swann. It addresses the politics, legal aspects like patents, conflicts of interest, safety and more, in an objective manner.

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Iran Delivers Surprise, Money, to Jewish Hospital

WEB Notes: The only surprise here is if you are surprised. Watch this short video.

(New York Times) – The brother of Iran’s president walked into Tehran’s only Jewish hospital on Thursday, delivering a surprise donation along with the message that the Health Ministry would give more attention to hospitals that traditionally serve Christian and Jewish Iranians.

“We are very happy,” a nurse there said by telephone. “This is a good sign.”

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