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Declaration of War on American Values: Battalion Commander Tells Troops that Patriots, Christians belong to Hate Groups

(Video, Joe Miller) – A combat battalion commander assigned to the 101st Air Borne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, sent an email out to several dozen subordinate officers and senior non commissioned officers describing conservatives as members of hate groups.

The senior officer, seen in the YouTube below, apparently decided that his ignorant soldiers needed some political indoctrination regarding the Army’s new values, as decreed by Obama.

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Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Human Evolution

WEB Notes: Evolution is a loose theory with many in the scientific community at odds over exactly how life came into being. With that said, there is no argument with the earth being millions of years old and creation in the Bible. It is that Christians have not properly understood the Word of God. Instead of seeking out the answers we box ourselves into the 6,000 year age of the earth myth. The World That Then Was – The Age of the Earth

(CBS) – A new poll finds that a majority of Americans believe that God played a part in the evolution of humans. A YouGov survey shows that 62 percent of Americans believe God helped create humans.

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US Intel Committees Approve Arming Syrian Rebels, Top General Warns of Costs

WEB Notes: The Destruction of Damascus Draws Nigh: US General, ‘We Are Preparing for Military Action in Syria’

(RT) – The House and Senate Intelligence Committees have given a green light to arm Syrian rebels, as their concerns were alleviated. But a top US general warned that high costs of military options could reach billions.

Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and the highest-ranking American military advisor, wrote that a no-fly zone over Syria would cost the US between $500 million and $1 billion a month to maintain, and may be ineffective because the Syrian army relies on artillery, not air support, to fight the insurrection.

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Russian Missile Forces Holding Snap-Check Drills

WEB Notes: Do not overlook these events. The stage is being set. Israel Tests Nuclear Capable Missile While Russia Starts Largest Military Exercise in Post-Soviet Era, Update on Egypt Situation

(Rian) – The headquarters and two missile divisions of the Orenburg Missile Army in Russia’s Urals region have been put on high-alert as part of snap combat readiness drills, the Defense Ministry said.

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TSA: Pay more and we’ll grope you less

(NBC) – The government is expanding the ways airline passengers can enroll in an expedited screening program that allows travelers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belts and keep laptop computers in cases at security checkpoints.

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Eight Telltale Signs You’ve Eaten Toxic Food

(From The Trenches) – What you are about to read may come as a major shock to your brain, especially if you read the newspaper, flip through popular magazines often, or pay any attention to the advertisements on television. What you are about to read may seem too simple to be true, and it’s exactly what the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the AMA (American Medical Association), and the Western World of prescription medications does NOT want you to understand, much less remember and use to your advantage.

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Japan’s Sakurajima and Ecuador Volcanos Shaken by Large Explosive Eruptions

(TEP) – A strong vulcanian explosion occurred last night at 11:02 GMT (20:02 local time), following several hours of near complete calm at the volcano. A loud cannon-shot bang accompanied the explosion, which generated a large mushroom cloud that reached 12,000 ft (3.7 km) altitude and engulfed the NE half of the Sakurajima peninsula and was followed by several smaller ones within about half an hour.

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Earth, as seen from 900 million miles away

(LA Times) – Need a little perspective in your life? Take a look at these images of Earth as seen from almost 900 million miles away.

In these new images released by NASA, our planet is dwarfed by Saturn’s breathtaking rings, and shows up as just a pale blue dot — a tiny asterisk beneath Saturn’s striking beauty.

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Depleted uranium used by US forces blamed for birth defects and cancer in Iraq

(RT) – The US military’s use of depleted uranium in Iraq has led to a sharp increase in Leukemia and birth defects in the city of Najaf – and panicked residents are fearing for their health. Cancer is now more common than the flu, a local doctor tells RT.

The city of Najaf saw one of the most severe military actions during the 2003 invasion. RT traveled to the area, quickly learning that every residential street in several neighborhoods has seen multiple cases of families whose children are ill, as well as families who have lost children, and families who have many relatives suffering from cancer.

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Brazilian Police Clash with Crowd Protesting Cost of Pope Visit, Bomb Found at Visit Site

(France24) – Brazilian police dispersed hundreds of protesters with tear gas and water cannons near the Rio state governor’s palace on Monday after a meeting there between Pope Francis and Brazil’s president.

A photographer was seen with his face bleeding on the ground and at least one demonstrator was detained moments after the pope left the palace where he had spoken alongside President Dilma Rousseff, AFP correspondents said.

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Last Days: Britain Army General Urges to Prepare for War in Syria

WEB Notes: The last days are truly upon us. I hope everyone is paying attention to the events that are unfolding and digging into the Word of God… Days ago US General Martin Dempsey made it known the United States is preparing for war in Syria. Now their British counterparts are following suit. Make no mistake about it, this is planned from the highest levels of world leadership. God’s Word will be fulfilled (Isaiah 17:1, Daniel 8).

(Voice of Russia) – British efforts to stop the forces of Syria’s President Bashar Assad could drag the UK into war to prevent the regime’s chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands, Britain’s retiring General Sir David Richards has warned. “The risk of terrorism is becoming more and more dominant in our strategic vision for what we might do in Syria. If that risk develops, we would almost certainly have to act to mitigate it and we are ready to do so,” the leaving Chief of the Defense Staff told the Sun.

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6.6M: Earthquake Kills 75, Injures Over 400 in China

(RT) – The death toll from the earthquake that hit China’s northwest Gansu Province has risen to 75, Xinhua News Agency reported; 412 people have been injured. Local authorities continue to search for victims of the 6.6 magnitude quake.

Fourteen people have been reported missing after the disaster.

The initial tremor happened at around 23:45 GMT on Sunday and reportedly lasted for over a minute. The Chinese seismological bureau initially measured the quake at magnitude 6.6. The first tremor was followed by a series of quakes, including a magnitude 5.6 jolt at 01:12 GMT.

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