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ESwordAs we have documented, the KJV Bible does contain some errors. This is why we use a Strong's Concordance with our studies to clarify God's Word. When a Strong's word is listed in our Bible studies we link that word to an off-site concordance so our readers may verify God's Word for themselves.

With that having been said, we would like to bring your attention to a Biblical based PC program called, E-Sword which is a free download.

E-Sword is an extremely powerful software program, one we believe will enhance your Bible study experience. With the click of a mouse you can instantly find the deeper meaning of a word as you read the Bible. This saves a tremendous amount of time as you do not need to thumb through the physical book.

E-Sword also features: search capability, a reference library, the ability to compare Bibles and so much more. We still recommend that our readers have a physical book for study, but we believe you will truly embrace E-Sword.

Please see the screen shots below.

E-Sword Screen Shot

This is a view of the program in standard KJV Bible format. You can expand the screen for a larger view if you wish. In addition, you can download other add-ons as well.

E-Sword Screen Shot

This is a view of the KJV Bible with Strong's Concordance. As you can see we have placed our mouse over Strong's number 1961 which correlates to the word  "was". This action displays a box with the possible meanings of the word. If you have read our study, "The World That Then Was - The Age of the Earth" you understand the proper translation is "became" which drastically changes the meaning of the verse. This is why it is essential that you check out the KJV Bible for yourself as the translators suggested. Using a Strong's Concordance with your studies will greatly increase your understanding of the Bible.You will also notice a box underneath the scripture where you can view the meaning of a word, in addition to performing copy/paste functions. E-Sword is an extremely simply program to use.This has been a very simplistic over view of this program, but we wanted to bring it to your attention as we feel this will benefit you in your studies of God's Word, the Bible.Again, all of our recommended “Bible Resources” can be found under the “Bible Resources” tab at the top of our site. E-Sword is linked on that tab under the sub-heading of "Bible Software & Christian Books". You can download this free program by visiting E-Sword. If you already use E-Sword leave a comment and tell our other readers what you like about it.

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