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Will The Two Witnesses Appear Before Antichrist?

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Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question and Answer

Will The Two Witnesses Appear Before Antichrist?

Welcome to Bible Question and Answer, our bi-weekly series where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them.


Name: Chuck
Question: True Christians (Christmen and Christwomen) around the world are expecting to see the anti-christ appear soon. Religious people world-wide expect to see their god in the form of their worshiped one. But, and here is the one I am expecting to see first. The two lamps of oil, the two witnesses promised to arrive before the anti-christ.

I believe there is still time for the angels to seal God’s people however I am not hearing much about this from other verse by verse teachers.

What is your take on this?


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Chuck, thank you for the question and it is good to hear from you again.

You are correct, the way events are playing out on the world’s stage Christians, Muslims and other faiths expect to see their god very soon. Christians should understand the false Christ comes first, the anti-Christ who is Satan. Satan will claim to be everyone’s god. We must remember Satan has to fool the entire world, including non-believers. I do not think this will be a problem at all for him.

I would have to disagree with you about the timing of the Two Witnesses. To this day I have never found any such documentation saying the Two Witnesses appear before Satan. We need to ensure we are rightly dividing the Word of Truth on this and all subjects in God’s Word.

I think we all agree Satan is the Tribulation. Meaning, the Tribulation starts when Satan arrives. Most of Christianity understands the Tribulation originally was to be a 7 year period which is equal to 84 months. We should understand Christ shortened that time in Matthew 24:22. We find out in Revelation 9:5 the time of Satan has been shortened to 5 months (I believe there is a link to Noah’s time as well, you can find that in our study, “As in the Days of Noah and the End Times Flood of Lies“.)

With that said, if Satan’s time was shortened then so is the time of the Two Witnesses. To think otherwise would be to make up our own scriptural rules and that does not work in God’s Word. You cannot have one time period shortened without the other as these time periods concern the same subject, The Tribulation.

So what is the allotted time of the Two Witnesses?

Revelation 11:3 documents the Two Witnesses allotted time is 1260 days. That is approximately equal to 42 months which equals 3.5 years, being only half of the Tribulation. And being only 2.5 months on the shortened Tribulation timeline.

Yes, there is a difference between the solar and lunar calendars. But reducing this all down to a 5 month period from a 7 year period and the time difference is null. Hear me out here.

On a shortened Tribulation timeline of 5 months (from the original 7 year period, 7 years = 84 months) we should understand Satan is here for all 5 of those months. While the Two Witnesses are here for only 2.5 of those months.

Scripture clearly documents the Two Witnesses have only been given half of the Tribulation to operate. This makes perfect sense when we understand Satan takes absolute control of the world at the midst of the week when Satan makes war with The Saints.

Chuck, we went further in depth and documented this topic in a previous Q&A from 3/28/14, you can find that here. I highly encourage you to read that and take a look at my comments in that post as well. There are several of them loaded with scripture as documentation.

Concerning your thought on the sealing.

Revelation 7:1-3 documents for us the Tribulation cannot begin until the 144,000 are sealed. So there is still time for people to be sealed. We have a few scriptures that have not yet come to pass, Isaiah 17:1 and Daniel 8 come to mind.

So do not sweat it, we are on God’s clock. Things are going according to His plan.

Thank you for reading this edition of Bible Question and Answer. We sincerely thank our readers for the opportunity to answer their questions and share them with the rest of our audience. We also thank our Father for providing us with this platform in order to share His most precious Word.

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