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Global Digital Identification Is Coming: ID2020

In the mid-1940s, the nations began a global transformation. A transformation from the traditional nation-state, to a more global centric world. That is clearly documented...

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Bible Verses About Encouragement

At times, we all need a little encouragement to make it through the day. It is times like these we should be reminded of all...

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What Questions Do You Have?

Look, we are facing the most unprecedented moment in world history right now. You are living through it. You have questions, lots of questions. Many...

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Fauci: Lockdown To Continue Until No New Cases Of Coronavirus

Now, this is one of President Trump’s doctors, one of the head doctors we see on TV these days. I am asking you to watch...

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Passover 2020

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Bill Gates: ‘Digital Certificates Are Coming To Prove Your Vaccination Record’

This statement sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, unfortunately, this is real life. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft recently retired from...

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